Keir Stramer Prime Minister of Great Britain. Donald Tusk: He warned the English


For Great Britain breakthrough elections for House of Commons. In opposition for 14 years Labour Party she clearly won the match on Thursday, so Keir Starmer has been tasked by King Charles III with forming a new government.

In turn, the Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced on Saturday on social media that he had already had his first conversation with the new head of the British government.

Donald Tusk and Keir Starmer. “We have a friend on the Thames”

“This is the new British Prime Minister Keir Starmer he warned the English that in a few years the Poles would be wealthier than them. Last night during our conversation he spoke about proud of his wife's Polish roots and that we will be there for him key partner. We have a friend on the Thames,” wrote Donald Tusk.

The head of the Polish government referred to Keir Starmer's statement from February this year. The new British Prime Minister said then that “Poland is on track to overtake the UK within a decade in terms of size of the economy per person.”

Starmer stressed at the same time that he was “not belittling Great Britain” with this statement.

Britain has a new Prime Minister. Who is Keir Starmer?

Keir Stramer is 63. He was born and raised in the Surrey town of Oxted, the son of a locksmith and a nurse. The new British prime minister graduated in law from the University of Leeds. He entered parliament in 2015 at the age of 52. He served as shadow Brexit secretary. In 2020, he became leader of the Parcy Party, which he led to victory four years later.

Starmer is the son of a nurse and a locksmith. When he was a child, his mother Rare Still's disease detectedwhich led to the loss of speech. The new British Prime Minister often emphasized in interviews that this experience had a great impact on him, and that long nights spent at his mother's bedside in intensive care taught him determination.

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