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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Kendrick Sampson, Tessa Thompson & 300 Black Artists Call on Hollywood to Divest From Police

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“This includes stories that demonize our mental health as violent,” the message continues. “These stories contribute to the killings of Black people like Deborah Danner, who was murdered by NYPD Sgt. Hugh Barry. It also includes the perpetuation of transphobic stories which are used to justify the murder of Tony McDade in Florida, Nina Pop in Missouri, Dominique Fells in Philadelphia, and Riah Milton in Ohio. We must end the exaltation of officers and agents that are brutal and act outside of the law as heroes. These portrayals encourage cops like Derek Chauvin, the murderer of George Floyd.”

The letter goes on to detail what’s described as “Hollywood’s legacy of white supremacy,” which is “cultural and systemic.” The “lack of a true commitment to inclusion and institutional support,” can be seen in agencies, unions, studios and production companies, according to the letter. 

“Even with the recent successes of Black-led and produced films and television, myths of limited international sales and lack of universality of Black-led stories are used to reduce our content to smaller budgets and inadequate marketing campaigns,” it states. “White people make up the smallest racial demographic globally, yet their stories are seen as internationally universal. When we do get the rare chance to tell our stories, our development, production, distribution, and marketing processes are often marred, filtered, and manipulated by the white gaze.”

And due to “Hollywood’s immense influence over politics and culture, all of the racism, discrimination and glass ceilings Black people in Hollywood experience on a regular basis have direct implications on Black lives everywhere,” the letter says.

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