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Kenya. Baby elephant twins born in a nature reserve. This is a very rare event

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Twins baby elephants were born in the Samburu Reserve in central Kenya. Until now, the elephant welfare foundation in the country recorded such a case only once, 16 years ago.

– Twins only account for one percent of all births. Often mothers do not have enough milk to feed two calves, commented Iain Douglas-Hamilton, zoologist, elephant expert and founder of the Kenyan charity Save the Elephants.

Until now, the foundation has dealt with elephant twins only once, in 2006, but both died shortly after birth. As Douglas-Hamilton assures, for the following days the foundation will observe the life of baby elephants and “keep their fingers crossed” for their survival.

A rare sight of an elephant feeding two cubs was filmed on Monday. The female named Bora is 16 years old.

Elephants have the longest gestation period of 22 months, the longest among mammals. An elephant gives birth on average every four years.

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Baby elephant twins were born in a nature reserve in KenyaReuters, Meha Kumar / Save the Elephants

Kenya’s elephant population is growing

Elephants in Kenya and other sub-Saharan African countries are often the victims of poachers, who kill them to meet the demand for ivory, a folk medicine used in Asia.

However, Kenya’s Ministry of Tourism said in 2020 that the country’s elephant population has more than doubled thanks to increased efforts to combat poaching. In 2018, 34 thousand people lived in Kenya. elephants, although in 1989 only 16,000

Main photo source: Reuters, Meha Kumar / Save the Elephants

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