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Kenya. One of the oldest lions in the world is dead. “A symbol of endurance and coexistence”

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Loonkiito, a 19-year-old male lion from Kenya, was killed Wednesday. Authorities said the predator entered the village and started attacking the livestock, forcing the shepherds to defend them. Specialists point out that a long drought forces wild animals to look for food near human habitations.

One of the oldest wild male African lions (leo panther) was killed in southern Kenya. Loonkiito was 19 years old – on average male lions live to be 13 years old in the wild.

A symbol of endurance and coexistence

According to the country’s authorities, the animal was killed by shepherds from the village of Olkelunyiet, bordering the Amboseli National Park. An aged male had ventured into the area in search of food, and in the middle of the night he jumped into a pen where livestock were kept. There he was found by shepherds who, in defense of their livestock, killed the predator.

Lion Guardians wrote on social media that Loonkiito was “the oldest male lion in the local ecosystem and possibly in Africa”. Its representatives called the old male “a symbol of endurance and coexistence”.

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“In desperation, lions often attack livestock,” the organization explained. – Shepherds have also lost many animals as a result of drought and therefore they are vigilantly watching over the others.

Paula Kahumbu of WildlifeDirect called for measures to protect the country’s wildlife.

– This is a turning point in the conflict between man and wild animals. We need to do more to protect the lions that are facing extinction, she told the BBC.

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