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Kenya. Ten lions killed by shepherds. The drought exacerbates the conflict

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In southern Kenya, shepherds killed a total of ten lions last week after attacking their animals, a local animal rights organization said on Saturday. Aggression between humans and wild predators has been exacerbated by Kenya’s worst drought in 40 years.

Kenya’s Kenya animal rights organization Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) reported an “extraordinarily large number of lions killed in one go” on May 13. Six lions had been killed on one day alone, having previously bitten eleven goats and a dog. four other lions were also killed by humans, among them Loonkiito, a 19-year-old male lion believed to be the oldest in all of Africa. The animals are to be slaughtered in the Kajiado region in southern Kenya.

Lions killed in Kenya

In total, ten lions were killed in the Kajiado region last week. All the predators were part of the ecosystem of the Amboseli National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage nature reserve.

On Saturday, shortly after six lions were killed in one day, representatives of the international lion conservation group Lion Guardians met with local people and authorities. “The discussion focused on finding ways to minimize the risk of conflict between humans and wild animals, including developing an early warning system that alerts locals that predators have appeared in the area. We also talked about a broader view of this conflict” – KWS reported.

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Drought in Africa

In its entry, Lion Guardians explained that the reason for the escalation of the conflict between humans and wild species is the worst drought in 40 years that hit southern Kenya this year. Due to the conditions, hunting for free-living animals is difficult, which forces lions to look for food near human habitation. Shepherds, who have lost an exceptionally large proportion of livestock this year due to drought, are showing “higher vigilance”.

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