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Kenya. The number of victims of Good News International Church who have starved themselves to death is increasing

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The death toll of mass suicides of members of the Good News International Church is increasing. A total of 201 bodies have already been dug up in the Shakahola forest in Kenya, and another 22 bodies were exhumed on Saturday. The fate of hundreds of people is still unknown. The leader of the sect ordered his followers to starve to death.

Kenyan police since April informs about finding more bodies in the Shakahola forest in Malindi. Investigators in the area exhumed 22 more bodies on Saturday, authorities said. Thus, the number of victims of the Good News International Church, run by pastor Paul Mackenzie, who ordered his followers to starve to death, increased to 201.

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The bodies of cult followers in a Kenyan forest. Pastor detained

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Throughout the week, specialists dug up shallow graves scattered in the forest in search of remains, and scoured the area for survivors. On Friday, 29 bodies were dug up, including 12 children found in one grave, regional authorities said. Hundreds of people are still believed to be missing.

Kenya. The authorities find more bodiesPAP/EPA/STR

On Wednesday, a Kenyan court refused bail for Paul Mackenzie, the leader of the Good News International Church. He was accused of ordering his followers to starve themselves and their children to death so that they could go to heaven before the end of the world and meet Jesus. The end of the world, according to the leader of the sect, was supposed to take place on April 15.

The dead were buried in shallow graves on the Mackenzie estate.

Kenya. The sect’s followers may have been victims of organ trafficking

As previously reported by the country’s chief pathologist, Dr. Johansen Oduor, although starvation was the most common cause of death, some victims died as a result of suffocation or beatings.

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The published documents of the investigation into the mass graves show that some of the dead people were most likely victims of organ trafficking. “The autopsy reports found missing (internal) organs from some of the victims’ bodies, which were exhumed,” chief inspector Martin Munene said in a statement. “The trade in human organs is believed to have been well coordinated with several parties involved,” he added.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/STR

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