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Kenya. The president announced that he would stop importing shoes by 2027. It is intended to revitalize local industry

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Kenya wants to stop importing footwear by 2027. This – according to the government – would revitalize the domestic leather industry and contribute to the creation of tens of thousands of jobs. Preparations have already started and machines have been purchased for factories to increase processing efficiency. Several hundred tanners were additionally trained.

Kenya imports approximately 15 million pairs of shoes annually, mainly from China, India and Turkey. It produces 8 million pairs on its own. The plan announced by President William Ruto on Saturday is to phase out shoe imports by 2027. This would increase domestic production to 38 million pairs a year, and the income of Kenyans (those dependent on animal husbandry whose skins would be used for shoes) from $115 million to $900 million a year.

Kenyan economists assume that switching to domestic footwear would bring over 100,000 to this segment of the economy. jobs compared to the current 17,000.

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Some steps have already been taken

As a result, new leather processing tanneries and shoe factories will be established in Kenya. USD 3 million was allocated for this purpose.

In addition, machines to increase processing efficiency have already been purchased and installed in existing factories. 703 tanners were also trained to produce high-quality leather. To increase their production, state-subsidized skinning equipment was delivered to 680 animal slaughterhouses, President Ruto said on Saturday.

He announced this scenario during the celebration of Madaraka Day, the day on which Kenya gained partial independence from Great Britain in 1963.

When presenting his proposals, President Ruto did not explain how he would convince the World Trade Organization (WTO), of which Kenya has been a member since 1995, to ban imports.

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