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Ketrzyn. Reszel. The teacher allegedly violated the bodily integrity of the student. He heard the charges

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A teacher from the School Complex in Reszel, near Kętrzyn (Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship), who touched the buttocks of a student, was charged with violation of bodily integrity. The suspect pleaded not guilty and declined to comment. Disciplinary proceedings are pending against the principal of this school who has established a relationship with the student.

Inappropriate behavior in student-teacher relations occurred in the Rataj in Reszel. Notifications to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Kętrzyn were submitted by mothers of students.

Allegations of violation of the bodily integrity of one of the students

According to the spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Olsztyn, Daniel Brodowski, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Kętrzyn is conducting proceedings against Andrzej M., a teacher of the Rataja in Reszel, who was accused of violating the bodily integrity of one of the students while conducting practical vocational training classes at the school. The teacher was supposed to touch the buttocks of the student. – The proceedings were initiated as a result of a notification submitted in May last year by the mother, who pointed to incorrect behavior of the teacher towards her daughter. The proceedings conducted by the prosecutor partly confirmed the situation and Andrzej M. was charged. He pleaded not guilty and declined to comment. The proceedings are ongoing, prosecutor Brodowski told PAP.

The case of the school principal

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At the same time, the spokesman for the prosecutor’s office informed that on January 27 this year, the District Prosecutor in Kętrzyn discontinued another proceeding regarding the suspicion of abuse of the dependency relationship in the teacher-student relationship and bringing a student of the Zespół Szkół im. Rataja in Reszel to perform another sexual activity. The discontinuation took place due to the absence of signs of a prohibited act. It’s about the school principal. The proceedings were also conducted on the basis of a notification from the mother of one of the students of this facility. The prosecutor stated, discontinuing the proceedings, that the victim was an adult and had established a relationship with the teacher fully consciously.

The teacher allegedly violated the bodily integrity of the student. He heard the chargesGoogle Maps

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Disciplinary action against the director

Despite the decision of the prosecutor’s office, disciplinary proceedings are pending against the director. – Disciplinary proceedings are aimed at determining whether the principal, as a teacher and tutor, has violated the dignity of the teaching profession. The proceedings are being conducted by the disciplinary spokesman for teachers at the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, deputy curator of education Wojciech Cybulski told PAP. He added that the starost of Kętrzyn, as the leading authority, applied for an opinion because he intends to dismiss the director from his function. – We sent a letter to the starost that we do not make any comments about the intention to dismiss the director – said the deputy curator.

When asked about the consequences for the teacher against whom the prosecutor’s proceedings are pending, he replied that the school board had not yet received information about the allegations.

Teacher on leave and principal suspended

The starost of Kętrzyn, Michał Kochanowski, informed PAP that the vocational teacher charged by the prosecutor’s office is on sick leave. – On the other hand, since January 19, the headmaster of the school has been suspended for six months. This happened after the parents reported about his inappropriate behavior towards their daughter. The poviat board applied to the disciplinary ombudsman in the school board, notifying about the suspicion that the director committed an act violating the rights and welfare of the child, pointed out the starost. As he added, in the near future the director will be dismissed from his function.

Reszel (Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship)

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