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Kęty, dk52. The policemen rescued a cat that was wandering on the way. They gave food, they found a new home

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Policemen from Oświęcim (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) noticed a lost cat on a busy national road. The animal was in danger because of passing cars, so the uniforms took the quadruped from the street, fed him and helped him find a home.

On Friday, before 4 p.m., officers controlling the speed of vehicles in the town of Bulowice (Małopolska) near Kęty noticed a cat walking on the busy national road number 52. The animal was in trouble, but it also posed a threat to the drivers passing there.

Oświęcim policemen reacted during the speed control in KętyKPP Oświęcim

They took them out of the way, gave them food and drink

– The uniform immediately ran up to the quadruped and took him to the police car. Then, seeing that the kitten was hungry, they fed him with their food and gave him a drink of water. When the kitten felt more confident, he began to visit the police car and climbed up the police uniform to get to know the policemen who saved his life – informed staff assistant Małgorzata Jurecka, press officer of the Oświęcim police.

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Oświęcim policemen saved a little kitten from being hit on a busy roadKPP Oświęcim

Wanted owner

When the cat was fine, the policemen asked nearby residents if the pet belonged to them. However, the owner of the dog could not be found. The cat was taken into the care of a vet, and there it turned out to be a two-month-old female cat.

– The clinic, taking into account the good of the animal, has already found the cat a new home, but in the event that its previous owner comes in within two weeks, he will be able to pick up his kitten – said Jurecka.

The policemen shared their meal with the cat and provided him with further careKPP Oświęcim

Main photo source: KPP Oświęcim

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