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Kety. He almost ran over a family with children in the lanes. He saw the dash cam footage and turned himself in to the police

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A road pirate who almost hit a family with two children at a pedestrian crossing in Kęty (Małopolskie Voivodeship) turned himself in to the police. According to the uniform, the 38-year-old saw his maneuver on the recording published in the media. An application for his punishment was sent to the court.

The incident took place on March 18, around 4 p.m., on Spacerowa Street in Kęty near Oświęcim. The recording published by the Lesser Poland police shows a seat car that almost hit four people – parents with two children. The family waited to be able to enter the pedestrian crossing safely.

Still from the recording of a speeder in Kęty (Małopolskie Voivodeship)KPP in Oświęcim

The video was captured by the car camera of another driver who was approaching the lanes. At one point, at high speed, despite the pedestrian crossing and the double solid line, the passenger seat overtook the vehicle of the recording person. The witness of the event sent the recording to the police mailbox Stop Aggression Road.

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The road pirate came to the police station, apologized to the pedestrians

According to the press officer Małgorzata Jurecka, a spokeswoman for the Oświęcim police, a day after the publication of the recording in the media on Saturday (April 1), a 38-year-old man from the Bielsko district reported that he was driving the vehicle recorded by the camera. He also admitted to the offences.

Still from the recording of a speeder in Kęty (Małopolskie Voivodeship)KPP in Oświęcim

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– He was informed that the application for punishment for the offenses he committed would be forwarded to the District Court in Oświęcim. The man asked the police to convey his apology to the pedestrians, Jurecka said.

Also on Saturday, but in the afternoon, a witness to the incident – a resident of Kęty – reported to the police station, who confirmed that while walking with his wife and children, they stopped in front of the crossing, seeing a seat that was driving at high speed and passed the vehicle that stopped before crossing.

Main photo source: KPP in Oświęcim

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