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Kielce. Chinese citizens wanted to live in Poland, they showed false documents to officials

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The prosecutor’s office filed an indictment against three Chinese people who wanted to get to Poland using forged documents. Responsibility also threatens the Pole helping them. Foreigners, in order to obtain a long-term residence permit in our country, used, among others, copies of fake diplomas of the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.

Three citizens have heard allegations of using forged documents to obtain a long-term residence permit in the European Union China – a woman and two men. A Pole is also involved in the case, who – according to investigators – was supposed to help in the fraud as a representative of the Chinese.

As Justyna Drożdż from the Carpathian Border Guard Unit informed on Monday, the prosecutor’s office filed an indictment against these four people.

Prosecutor’s office: fake copies of documents from the university, ZUS and the tax office

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Border guards reported that the group “in the period from July 2022 to March 2023, swindled false statements in the administrative decisions of the Świętokrzyskie Voivode regarding the granting of a residence permit for long-term residents of the European Union”.

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For this purpose, three Chinese citizens used counterfeit documents, including those allegedly issued by the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, before the officials of the foreigners’ affairs department.

They pretended to be graduates of the Kielce university

The documents “were supposed to prove that the defendants had obtained higher education at the Kielce university.” – explains in an interview with tvn24.pl Beata Zielińska-Janaszek, head of the Kielce-Wschód District Prosecutor’s Office. – Among the false documents there were also copies of income, income, insurance premiums and other letters, allegedly issued by representatives of the tax office and ZUS – adds the prosecutor.

The documents, although at first glance looked like notarized copies, were in fact bearing forged signatures of a notary public. Counterfeits, due to foreigners applying for long-term residence permits, were secured by border guards.

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Chinese with fake diplomas from the Kielce university applied for a stay in PolandBorder Guard, ujk.edu.pl

The 50-year-old helped, but did not take money for it?

All four are suspected of “acting jointly and in concert to try to deceive decisions on granting residence permits to EU long-term residents by using false documents in front of state officials.” The Polish citizen was also charged with “making preparations for use as authentic counterfeit documents”, which he kept in his apartment.

Border guards indicate in the message that they found, among other things, PLN 16,000 in the man’s apartment.

– All suspects face up to five years in prison. They had not been punished before. Three of them pleaded guilty. One Chinese national, however, maintains his innocence. According to his account, the detained 41-year-old, also a Chinese citizen, was his employer and as a reward for good work, she promised him an extension of the residence card. He claims that he did not know what he was signing because the documents were in Polish – describes prosecutor Zielińska-Janaszek .

A 50-year-old Polish citizen claims that he did not accept any money for helping foreigners. – We do not have any evidence for this either – emphasizes the head of the District Prosecutor’s Office of Kielce-Wschód.

Main photo source: Border Guard, ujk.edu.pl

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