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Kielce. Clash of fans during the Korona-Radomiak match. Seven people detained, the meeting was interrupted

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The meeting was interrupted twice, the police intervened and seven people were detained – this is the balance of Saturday’s brawls by the hooligans of Korona Kielce and Radomiak. According to the police, hooligans will be held accountable for, among other things, possession of pyrotechnics and throwing dangerous objects. One of the detainees had methamphetamine on him.

Due to the escalation of tension among hooligans in Kielce’s Suzuki Arena, Saturday’s match between Korona Kielce and Radomiak was interrupted twice. There was a brawl between the hooligans, during which, among other things, Korona’s club colors were burnt twice.

Arrests after a stadium brawl in Kielce

As the spokeswoman for the Kielce police, junior midshipman Małgorzata Perkowska-Kiepas, told us, football hooligans fired flares during the match. The riot police intervened at the stadium at the request of the meeting organiser. The officers detained seven people who took part in the clash of hooligans of both teams.

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– There was a need to interrupt the meeting twice due to heavy smoke. At the end of the match, there were tensions between hooligans of both teams – said Perkowska-Kiepas.

The officers detained seven people – five hooligans from Radomiak and two football hooligans from Korona. – In addition, police officers revealed about five grams of white powder, which was initially identified as amphetamine, by one of the hooligans of the Kielce team – added the spokeswoman.

The detainees will be responsible, among others, for provoking fans, possessing pyrotechnics and throwing objects that may pose a threat to the health or life of participants of a mass event. They may face a heavy fine, restriction or imprisonment, and a stadium ban.

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Korona-Radomiak. Match result

Despite the unfavorable behavior of hooligans, the players managed to finish the match. Korona’s players won with Radomiak two to one.

The start belonged to the visitors who quickly took the lead. In the seventh minute, Luis Machado crossed into Korona’s penalty area, and Leonardo Rocha with a precise header did not give Konrad Forenc a chance for an effective intervention.

The Kielce team finally equalized. After Ronaldo Deacon’s corner kick, Szykawka defeated Kobylak with a header.

The match between Korona Kielce and RadomiakPAP/Piotr Polak

Referee Szymon Marciniak added 10 minutes to the regular time of the game, because the fans of both teams threw flares onto the pitch. In the 93rd minute, Błanik outplayed Radomiak’s defender Damian Jakubik and threw the ball to the far post, and Kacper Kostorz, who appeared on the pitch three minutes earlier, put the hosts ahead.

In the fourth match in the spring in front of their own audience, Kielce won their fourth victory and left the relegation zone for the first time in a long time.

Main photo source: PAP/Piotr Polak

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