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Kielce. Homicide with a metal pipe, a 71-year-old man died from blows to the head. His 30-year-old friend in custody

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They were driving together in a car, stopped and started arguing. During the altercation, the 71-year-old was hit twice on the head with a metal pipe. His friend, 30-year-old Grzegorz R., who – according to the prosecutor’s office – the older man was supposed to take care of, was charged with murder. The suspect pleads not guilty and refuses to give explanations.

The tragic finale of the quarrel took place on Wednesday (June 21) before 6 p.m. in Kielce. 30-year-old Grzegorz R. and 71-year-old Krzysztof K. were traveling together by car. They stopped on Ściegiennego Street and started arguing there. At some point, the younger of the men – as established by the prosecutor’s office – twice hit the older with a metal pipe on the head.

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Murder charge for a 30-year-old man

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– Grzegorz R. struck the victim with a two-meter metal pipe in the head area, causing extensive skull and brain injuries, as a result of which the 71-year-old man died – informed Beata Zielińska-Janaszek, head of the Kielce-Wschód District Prosecutor’s Office.

The Kielce prosecutor’s office on Friday charged with murder with direct intent. – The suspect pleaded not guilty to the alleged crime, refused to give explanations. He did not indicate the motives for his conduct, nor was he able to rationally determine how the crime took place – the prosecutor emphasized, adding that the two men were not related to each other.

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– According to our findings, they had another relationship, which we will further investigate. A 71-year-old man was supposed to take care of Grzegorz R. at some point in his life. We also established that the 30-year-old had already been punished for driving while intoxicated, Zielińska-Janaszek noted.

The District Court in Kielce, at the request of the prosecutor’s office, placed Grzegorz R. in pre-trial detention for three months. He is facing a sentence of life imprisonment.

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