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Kielce. Police pursuit: BMW driver caused three collisions, tried to flee on foot

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The 41-year-old BMW driver did not stop for a roadside check, and while escaping from the police on the streets of Kielce (Świętokrzyskie Voivodship) he led to three collisions. The man abandoned the vehicle and tried to flee on foot, but was quickly apprehended by the police. He had almost the legal limit of alcohol in his system.

The incident took place on Monday (June 19) in the afternoon on one of Kielce streets. Traffic police officers started a pursuit of a passenger BMW on Bohaterów Warszawy Street, where they tried to stop the car for a routine inspection. The driver did not stop and ran away.

“The chase lasted almost throughout the city. The BMW driver led to three collisions. On Szczepaniak Street, he collided with a Hyundai, on Pakosz with an Opel, and finally at the intersection of Fosforytowa and Poklasztorna, he collided with a Volkswagen. Then the 41-year-old continued his escape on foot,” she said. Świętokrzyskie police in a statement.

After the chase, the police arrested the 41-year-old. He nearly blew out Świętokrzyska Police

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The driver was close to the alcohol limit

After a while, officers arrested the man. The driver turned out to be a 41-year-old resident of Kielce.

“The man was drunk. At the time of arrest, he had close to the legal limit of alcohol in his body,” the police said.

The 41-year-old driver faces up to five years in prison.

Main photo source: Świętokrzyska Police

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