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Kielce. The mayor of the city dismissed his deputy from the Civic Coalition. KO: his paths crossed with PiS

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The second deputy mayor of Kielce, Agata Wojda, was dismissed from her post on Thursday. By decision of Bogdan Wenta, the deputy mayor associated with the Civic Coalition will stop performing her function on Friday. Earlier, the councilors of her party abstained from the vote of confidence in the incumbent president. – I naively counted on the president’s reason to the end, but undoubtedly his paths, which makes us very sad, crossed with Law and Justice – says Katarzyna Czech-Kruczek, vice-chairwoman of the Kielce city council from the KO.

The deputy mayor of Kielce, Agata Wojda from the Civic Coalition, was dismissed from her function. The decision in this matter was made on Thursday by the mayor of the city, Bogdan Wenta.

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– I would like to thank Mrs. Agata Wojda for over two years of cooperation and her great commitment to activities for the functioning and development of the City of Kielce – said the local government official quoted in the communiqué. Agata Wojda will stop performing her function on Friday, June 7. Bożena Szczypiór and Marcin Chłodnicki will remain the deputies of the president.

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“I’m a lucky girl”

Agata Wojda referred to the case on social media. “I am lucky. For over a year I had the honor of being the vice-president of my beloved city. Kielce is always my passion. Thank you to everyone with whom I had the opportunity to develop it and create many positive solutions,” she wrote on Facebook.

In an interview with tvn24.pl, Wojda emphasized that she would refer to President Wenta’s decision in detail during the press conference scheduled for Friday.

Agata Wojda was the second deputy mayor of Kielce from April 15, 2021.

Conflict in the Kielce local government

Media speculations about the possible dismissal of vice-president Agata Wojda appeared after last week’s graduation session. The head of the KO club, Michał Braun, then criticized the mayor of Kielce, Bogdan Wenta, and pointed out that the city functions thanks to the “experience and knowledge of vice presidents”, and that the president should not “sit between PiS and the democratic opposition”. When there was a vote of confidence for Bogdan Wenta, the entire KO club abstained from voting.

Now the activists of the Civic Coalition believe that this situation influenced the decision of the non-partisan president Wenta.

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– The decision is incomprehensible to us, because Agata Wojda was simply a good vice president. She has handled her areas in such a way that the president has so far made no comments. We are concerned about the fact that the president has been very close to Law and Justice for some time now – comments councilor Michał Braun in an interview with tvn24.pl. The politician adds that the president did not talk to the KO club about the upcoming vote. – There has been no meeting between the president and our club for years, even though I signaled such a necessity. Many factors certainly contributed to the situation (the appeal of the vice president – ed.), believes the head of the KO club.

– Mr. Mayor appreciates the commitment and contribution that Mrs. Agata Wojda brought in all areas in which she functioned. However, I cannot comment on whether the mayor’s decision was dictated by the situation that took place during the city council session – Marcin Januchta, spokesman for the mayor of Kielce, told us.

Katarzyna Czech-Kruczek, Deputy Chairman of the Kielce City Council from the KO, has no doubts: “it was a strictly political decision” – I naively counted on the president’s reason to the end, but undoubtedly his paths, which makes us very sad, crossed with Law and Justice. Taking decisions of this type dictated solely by political considerations is a worrying signal for us – he admits.

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The deputy head of the council draws attention to, in her opinion, a laconic message about the vice-president’s dismissal, which appeared on the office’s website. – No substantive reasons for Agata Wojda’s dismissal were given – he points out.

There will be no deputy president from PiS?

The chairman of the Kielce City Council, Jarosław Karyś from Law and Justice, believes that the mayor “lost trust in Agata Wojda”. – The main thing is that the formation with which Mrs. Wojda identifies strongly criticizes the president and has actually stopped cooperating with him. So far AFTER was an ally of the president. If at the moment their paths diverged, it is hardly surprising that the president does not want to continue to cooperate with the vice president – says the politician.

The head of the council admits that Agata Wojda “was quite efficient in many respects” during her term of office – However, many important mistakes were certainly made with her participation. There were several incomprehensible decisions, such as unpaving the market square, i.e. destroying something that is in good condition, forgetting about the outskirts of the city or green areas outside the center, which are not in such a good condition – says the chairman. He also gives an example of the case of Eneris, which “did not pay the fines in full for untimely collection of garbage”. According to the chairman, this was the result of poorly conducted mediations, for which Wojda was responsible.

When asked whether a PiS representative would be proposed to replace Agata Wojda in the ranks of the deputy mayor of Kielce, Jarosław Karyś replied that “it is difficult to imagine such cooperation.” – Ideologically, we are very far from the president, we differ in many views. He is closer to KO – emphasized the chairman of the council.

Main photo source: Kielce City Hall

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