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Kielce. The verdict on the fire at the candle factory

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An employee of the plant died in a fire at the candle factory in Kielce. Two other people were injured. Now the court has sentenced the owner of the company to one year and two months in prison.

The fire broke out on August 1, 2018 in the hall at Ściegiennego Street in Kielce. As the investigators later assessed, the health and safety regulations were neglected, and they also demonstrated the technical malfunction of the automatic paint shop. In their opinion, the machine did not allow the safe performance of the production tasks for which it was intended. That’s what caused the fire.

The owner of the company converted the machine

On Monday, the District Court in Kielce handed down the verdict. The court stated that the owner of the company, Stanisław K., made modifications to the machine that “were not subject to appropriate authorization”. The paint shop used the wrong paints and installed fluorescent lamps that did not have the proper protection. – The defendant committed a culpable negligence – indicated Judge Magdalena Michalewicz from the District Court in Kielce.

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However, she did not agree with the arguments of the prosecutor’s office that the owner of the company led to a threat to the life or health of many people or to property in large sizes. – The machine worked for a year, it is also difficult to assume that the defendant had the goal of destroying his own workplace – said the judge.

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She pointed out that the fire was caused by improper servicing of the machine by an electrician. She indicated that the employee did not disconnect the machine from the power supply during the replacement of one of the components and, among other things, this led to a fire.

The judgment is not final

The court also found no connection between the death of the 37-year-old employee and the negligence of the company owner. According to witnesses, the victim had already left the burning plant and was in a safe place.

According to the court, the victim committed an excess because she returned to the facility, although she should not have done so. – This is a tragic and sad event, but there is no causal connection with the crime – assessed Judge Michalewicz.

In addition to Stanisław K., Justyna P., the manager, and Monika P., the foreman, were charged in the case. Both were fined PLN 3,000 each.

The judgment is not final. The prosecutor’s office demanded six and a half years in prison for the owner of the company, and three and a half years in prison for two employees. On Monday, the prosecutor’s office announced that after getting acquainted with the content of the justification, a decision would be made to file an appeal in this case.

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