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Kim Jong Un and North Korean soldiers. Demonstration in Pyongyang

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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un watched on Monday a demonstration of the combat capabilities of soldiers held in Pyongyang on the occasion of the 76th anniversary of the Korean Workers’ Party. The dictator could admire how North Korean soldiers smash bricks with their bare fists and even their heads, lay on broken glass or jump over cars. Some photos, however, raise doubts. It is not known what materials were made of the elements that Kim soldiers destroyed.

The recording of the event was published by the North Korean state television KRT.


As part of an extreme martial arts show, North Korean soldiers presented their abilities. It is not clear to what extent the propaganda photos show the real capabilities of the soldiers. It is not known what materials the objects imitating, among others, were made of. hammers, chains, bricks and roof tiles.

So on the recordings you can see, among others like men, they crush thick bricks with their bare fists and other parts of the body, including the head, lay on nails and broken glass, and bend steel bars with their necks and break the chains with their hands.

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Some of the photos, which may cause anxiety, show soldiers using hammers. They hit other soldiers with them and subsequent elements break.

During the show, the military also performed impressive acrobatics, such as somersaults or jumping over cars. Viewers could also admire their fighting technique, including blows in the air, roundhouse kicks and throwing knives at the target.

Kim Jong Un, present in the audience, seemed delighted with the show. The dictator laughed and rewarded the soldiers with thunderous applause. Following the performance, Kim said North Korea’s armament development is essential in the face of hostile US and South Korean armaments policies, North Korean media reports. As they emphasize in their reports, the performance was intended to show the DPRK’s enemies that its soldiers have “steel fists with which they will defend peace in their homeland.”

Main photo source: Reuters

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