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“Kitchen revolutions” by Magda Gessler – new season. When is the premiere? Where was the first revolution?

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Magda Gessler announces that in “Kitchen Revolutions” as usual, emotions will not be taken away. We will see the first episode of the 27th season on September 7 at 21.35 on TVN and Player. What premises will the restaurateur change this time?

In the new season “Kitchen Revolutions” will appear, among others the Dziupla u uncle inn in Górki Wielkie, the Dwa Koguty inn in Przędzel, the Pod nutem restaurant in Bytom and the Pierożek bar in Grudziądz. “A new form of the #dumplings place. It will be crazy. There will be a story about the past … in the present!!! Delicious flavors” – announced Magda Gessler. The menu offered tomatoes stuffed with bean and melon salad with gazpacho and ripening cheese mousse.

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“Kitchen revolutions” – what in the first episode

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To begin with, Gessler will come to Czarna Dąbrówka in Kashubia to change the Cooking and events restaurant. It is run by Sebastian, for whom having his own restaurant was a dream come true. He invested half a million zlotys in its renovation. The costs were to be covered by the events, but due to the pandemic, none of the ordered events took place. – The pandemic is over, it has come inflation Sebastian says. He adds that the cost of running the premises is up to 30,000. zlotys per month, and the daily turnover is, for example, PLN 44 … Sebastian’s mother, an experienced cook, helps in running the restaurant. The owner of Cooking and events counts heavily on Magda Gessler. He knows her methods, because once – as a cook – he took part in “Kitchen Revolutions”.

Magda Gessler’s methods

This is the 27th season of “Kitchen Revolutions”. “During 12 years I renovated and revived over 340 restaurants” – declared Gessler a year ago in “Forbes”. Fans of her program know that the restaurateur always pays attention to the potential of the region in which the restaurant operates. It forces the owners to get to know its history, find out what flavors it is famous for, and make contact with local suppliers. “This is important, because it turns out that restaurateurs most often do not take advantage of the benefits of the surrounding area, but try the cuisines of other countries they do not know. So they recreate them from the Internet, because they have not even been ‘in the place they want to feed’ and did not taste local dishes in nature. It’s a nightmare! I’m trying to unlearn it and I’m looking for culinary talents. I guarantee – we have thousands of them. Buried in small towns, not believing in themselves and their skills. These are especially women who are phenomenal. I try to add to them Sometimes I’m the first person in my life to tell them ‘you’re a miracle, you’ve got taste, cook!'” says Gessler.

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