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Klaudia El Dursi reveals what happened on the set of “Hotel Paradise All Stars”

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Behind us are eight episodes of “Hotel Paradise All Stars”, featuring the stars of the previous editions of the program. – At the beginning, I was a bit afraid that the participants who already know each other would not be authentic, would focus on strategy and cold calculation. But they were even more real than before – says Klaudia El Dursi, the host of the show.

In the first episode “Hotel Paradise All Stars” viewers’ favorites from previous seasons met: Barbara Pędlowska, Julia Skrodzka, Grzegorz Głuszcz, Natalia “Nana” Majos and Łukasz “Blondino” Książkiewicz. – It was such a sentimental comeback – he says of the filmed in Colombia program Claudia El Dursi. He admits that editing was extremely difficult. We had less time than usual. We shot 24 episodes in just two weeks. It was a rollercoaster of emotions from which the participants did not have time to get off – he says. In the last, eighth episode, Łukasz and Dominika said goodbye to the program. – The plot twists were there basically all the time. Sympathies changed, some buried the hatchet. But what surprised me most was that one couple remains a couple to this day. Which? I won’t reveal it! says El Dursi.

“Hotel Paradise” – rules

The rules of “Hotel Paradise All Stars” are similar to the “regular” editions. Nine singles (ages 18-30) move into a luxury resort. They pair up. The person who is left without a partner must mate in the next episode. If she fails, she is out of the program. A new participant appears in her place and the whole game starts from the beginning. Those who could always count on the second half reach the final. The winning couple can share the money (PLN 50,000 each). But one person can also “put up” a partner, taking a higher amount for themselves.

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“Paradise Hotel” is a reality show based on the format that was created for the American television FOX. In Poland, the program has been shown since 2020. New episodes of “Hotel Paradise All Stars” can be watched on Thursdays and Fridays at. 20:00 on TVN7. Longer episodes and additional video materials are also available on Player.pl.

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