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Klementowice. The BMW drove into the pond. They were waiting for rescue on the roof of the car

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The 56-year-old driver lost control of the car and drove into a pond in Klementowice (Lublin Voivodeship). He and a passenger from the sinking car got out through the sunroof and waited on the roof for help.

The incident took place in Klementowice in Puławy County. According to the police, the 56-year-old BMW driver did not adjust his speed to the road conditions, lost control of the vehicle, left the road and drove into a pond.

“Fortunately, both he and the 61-year-old passenger managed to get out of the sinking car through the sunroof, and another driver behind them immediately called for help. Standing on the roof of the newly purchased BMW, the men waited for the arrival of the services,” said Commissioner Ewa Rejn-Kozak from Puławy police.

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He drove the BMW into the pond KPP Puławy

Firefighters helped the men get to the shore

Volunteer and state fire brigades were dispatched to the site, including the Specialized Water and Diving Rescue Group from Lublin. Firefighters helped the men get to the shore, where they were treated by paramedics. “Nothing happened to both the driver and the passenger, but due to hypothermia they were transported to the hospital for observation. They were sober,” reported Commissioner Ewa Rejn-Kozak.

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He drove the BMW into the pond KPP Puławy

Police appeal

The police appeal to drivers to drive safely and carefully. “Changeable road conditions, snowfall, rain, slippery surfaces and poor visibility mean that drivers should be more careful and adjust their speed to the current conditions,” emphasizes Rejn-Kozak.

He drove the BMW into the pond KPP Puławy

Main photo source: KPP Puławy

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