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Kleszczów. The 24-year-old rolled over the seat and ran away to the forest. They searched for him with night vision devices, he had over half a per mille

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For an hour, policemen and firefighters were looking for a car among the trees, which had crashed on the bypass of Kleszczów (Łódź Voivodeship). The man escaped into the woods in front of witnesses after his vehicle ran off the road and overturned. It turned out that the 24-year-old was drunk.

On Friday, around 6:30 p.m., one of the drivers driving the Kleszczów bypass noticed that the seat driving from the opposite side had left the road in a curve and rolled over. The car ended up in a ditch. The witness stopped his vehicle to provide first aid to people from a crashed car.

– The seat driver left the vehicle on his own and ran towards the forest. He did not respond to the call, says Commissioner Iwona Kaszewska from the Bełchatów command.

Paramedics passing by the accident site witnessed the driver’s escape. One of them tried to chase the man, but lost him among the trees.


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The police were called to the scene. The search for the driver was treated as a priority, because there was a suspicion that the man – despite his injuries – ran away to the forest as a result of shock. The police officers knew the identity of the driver, because he had left his ID card in the car.

– There were also firefighters at the scene with a thermal imaging camera – adds Kaszewska.

For the next hour, the uniforms combed the woods. Eventually they tracked the 24-year-old.

– He was tracked down in Łękińsk. He had obvious injuries on his head. It turned out that he had more than half a per mille of alcohol in his body – says a spokeswoman for the Bełchatów district headquarters.


The allegations

The man initially tried to deny that he was driving a seat that had crashed in a ditch.

– After sobering up in police custody, he heard the accusation of driving a motor vehicle while drunk. He also lost his driving license – says Kaszewska.

The suspect faces up to two years in prison.

The man was arrested in Łękińsko

Main photo source: Google Street View, TVN24 Łódź

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