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Kłodzko. A series of collisions at an intersection because drivers ignore the signs. Recording

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Accidents often occur at the intersection near the municipal cemetery in Kłodzko (Lower Silesia Voivodeship). The surveillance footage shows a series of events in the same place. The mayor proposes a solution.

At the intersection of Objazdowa, Zajęcza and Korytowska streets in Kłodzko, collisions constantly occur and road accidents. Footage from nearby surveillance shows a series of car collisions taking place in the same place.

According to the Kłodzko police, the intersection is well marked and there are stop signs, but drivers ignore them.

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A series of accidents at the intersection in Kłodzko

– Unfortunately, this reflects very bad behavior on the part of drivers. They do not look at the road and completely forget that when leaving the intersection, you should be especially careful, even if you are on the road with priority – says Leszek Pławiak from the “Autko” Driver Training Center.

Collision at the intersection in KłodzkoIreneusz Cieśla

The city is preparing a solution, they want to raise the pedestrian crossing

The mayor of Kłodzko assures that there are plans to rebuild the intersection.

– The so-called raised pedestrian crossings will be made of asphalt along Korytowska Street and Dusznicka Street, and lights with a 30-centimeter diameter will be added to each stop sign. Red, pulsating lights showing every driver that you need to stop here because you are on a minor road – says Michał Piszko, mayor of Kłodzko.

According to the driving instructor, increasing the pedestrian crossing may make cars “fly” there, but it will not solve the current problems. His ideal solution is to build a roundabout there.

Collision at the intersection in KłodzkoIreneusz Cieśla

Main photo source: Ireneusz Cieśla

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