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Kluczbork. Students fight in front of the school. The video was posted online and the police are investigating the case

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Several students from two secondary schools in Kluczbork participated in a fight that broke out in a housing estate between the schools. Several dozen young people watched the incident – they encouraged people to fight and recorded videos with their mobile phones. One of them went viral. – We are identifying the participants of the incident, there will never be consent for such behavior – informs the police. The head of the Ministry of Education, Przemysław Czarnek, also commented on the matter.

The incident – which was first reported by “Nowa Trybuna Opolska” – took place on Friday, November 17. – Around 10.30 a.m., the officer on duty received information that there was a group of young people fighting between the blocks of flats on Konopnicka Street – says staff aspirant Dawid Gierczyk from the Kluczbork police. He adds that two police patrols were sent to the site.

– The officers arrived three minutes after the report. Unfortunately, there was no one in the indicated place at that time. The police patrolled the area for several minutes, adds Gierczyk.

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Everything indicates that before the arrival of the police cars, the participants of the incident returned to their schools: the Secondary and Technical School Complex and the School Complex No. 2 of the Continuing Education Center.

Recording online

Over the weekend, a video appeared online showing what was happening near the apartment blocks on Konopnicka Street. The recording shows a group of young people surrounding two struggling boys, one of them punching the other with his fists. Soon after, he turns and disappears into the crowd. Then another boy standing in the middle approaches and hits him in the back of the head. A fight begins, involving several young people. The video shows one of the fighters falling and then being hit with a leg.

– When the recording appeared on the Internet, we started very intensive activities. We learned about the recording on Monday, and on Tuesday, activities related to the identification of people visible in the video began in two schools in Kluczbork – reports the policeman. He adds: – Such behavior will never be accepted.

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– Cases against minor participants in the incident will be referred to the family court. Findings regarding persons over 17 years of age will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office. The Polish Penal Code provides for up to five years of imprisonment for participating in a fight, emphasizes Gierczyk.

Meeting at the county office

On Tuesday, a meeting was held at the district office in Kluczbork with the participation of the principals of both schools, whose students were to participate in the incident.

– According to the information provided to me by the principals, a student from one of the schools was supposed to challenge a student from the other school to a duel. Others went with them to the designated place – Mirosław Birecki, the staroste of Kluczbork, tells us in a telephone interview.

He emphasizes that the incident took place outside the school premises. – Unfortunately, teachers are unable to prevent students from leaving the school premises during breaks. Personally, what worries me most is the fact that although many students watched the incident, a person who lived nearby called the police, the starosta describes.

He points out that in both schools classes are conducted with the participation of psychologists and educators, which are intended to help students deal with emotions and counteract aggression. – Unfortunately, such actions are not always effective – admits Birecki.

Minister Czarnek: school is safe

The head of the Ministry of Education commented on the situation in Kluczbork on Tuesday on Radio Zet Przemysław Czarnek. He emphasized that “it is safe on school grounds,” but the fight took place outside the school premises.

– Outside of school, parents are responsible for students. Those who do not react are complicit, said the minister.

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The head of MEiN emphasized that such behavior is visible “from time to time”, but “it is a problem of upbringing in the family, by parents, grandparents and the reaction of those who should pay attention.”

– Out of 4 million 700 thousand students, only this group has fought recently. One group too many, but our youth and students are well-raised people by their parents, in good families and good schools – said Czarnek. He noted that over the past two years, crime among juveniles has decreased, according to police statistics.

Charges for the perpetrator of the fire

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