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Kmt Style Potato Masher “Bucket Strainer” – GIS warning before the product

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The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate issued a warning against the product called: Potato masher Kmt Style “Bucket strainer”. Sanepid emphasizes that the migration of aromatic amines harmful to health has been detected. GIS adds not to use the product in contact with food.

“On the basis of tests carried out by the State Sanitary Inspection, migration of primary aromatic amines to food was found in the tested samples of the potato masher Kmt Style >> Spoon strainer

GIS warns about the product: Potato masher Kmt Style “Bucket strainer”


The Sanitary Inspectorate noted that “primary aromatic amines are substances harmful to health”.

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Product details:

– Kmt Style potato masher (on the label in Polish: “Strainer for spoons”),

– designation on the label: 6409205,

– bar code: 8056046092051,

– distributor: Euro Master Import Export, SL C / .Villablino 20E 28947 Madrid España

– under the distributor’s data, the inscription: CIF: B-87447504 Made in PRC

The communiqué added that “the bodies of the State Sanitary Inspection are investigating the matter in question”

In addition, GIS is to ask “the Spanish authorities to take action based on the location of the distributor of the product indicated on the label”.

“The product indicated in the announcement should not be used for contact with food” – they appealed.


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