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Knee. Drunken father and son drove into the tractor. They accused each other of driving the car

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The 61-year-old and his 31-year-old son caused a collision with a tractor in Kolano (Lubelskie) and fled. The younger of them was arrested by the police after the chase, when he tried to run into his home. His father was pulled from under the bed under which he was trying to squeeze himself. Both men were completely drunk and both have active driving bans. The men accused each other of driving the car.

On Thursday (November 19), in the afternoon, the police received a report that a passenger car collided with a tractor in the village of Kolano in the Parczew poviat. The driver of the former was supposed to run into the tractor during incorrect passing.

According to the reporting of the applicant, there were two men in the car. The driver – as reported by the uniform – immediately abandoned the vehicle after the incident and escaped on foot towards the village of Puchowa Góra. A passenger followed.

The younger one ran into the house, the older one hid under the bed

The car hit the tractor during incorrect evasive action Lublin Police

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– The officer on duty sent a traffic patrol to the place, who noticed a young man escaping towards one of the premises while traveling to the intervention. After a short chase, he was arrested when he ran home and tried to hide – says senior sergeant Ewelina Semeniuk from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Parczewo.

After a while, the uniform heard a noise from the next room. – There they noticed another man pushing himself under the bed by force. The policemen pulled him out from under the bed. He was a 61-year-old who had the keys to a Land Rover damaged after a collision in his pants pocket – says the policewoman.

The son had almost 3.5 per mille, the father almost four

Both men were completely drunk and logical contact with them was difficult. It also turned out to be father and son.

They accused each other of driving the car. They were both detained and sentenced to sober up.


The study showed that in the 31-year-old’s body there was nearly 3.5 per mille of alcohol, and in the 61-year-old’s almost four per mille. Both have active driving bans on police bases.

The 61-year-old faces up to five years in prison

– As a result of the collision, the applicant estimated the value of the damaged tractor at about PLN 7,000 – emphasizes Semeniuk.

The 61-year-old and his 31-year-old son traveled by carLublin Police

The police established that the 61-year-old was behind the wheel. The case will end in court. For an offense committed by a driver, the Penal Code provides for up to five years ‘imprisonment and a fine of no less than PLN 10,000 for the Victims’ Assistance and Post-penitentiary Assistance Fund.

A Land Rover collided with a tractor in the village of Kolano in the Parczew poviat

Main photo source: Lublin Police

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