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KO deputies talk about the expenses from the budget reserve, about “Prime Minister Morawiecki’s ATM”. Conference

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Gigantic money is spent from the general reserve, almost a billion zlotys, for various foundations that are to be supported by PiS in the elections, said Marcin Kierwiński, PO’s secretary general, at a conference of members of the Civic Coalition. The parliamentarians presented a list of foundations and associations to which – as they said – funds flow from the budget reserve, which they called “Prime Minister Morawiecki’s ATM”.

Members of the Civic Coalition – Marcin Kierwiński, Jarosław Urbaniak and Robert Kropiwnicki – organized a conference on Wednesday, where they described how funds from the budget reserve are spent. – The election campaign has already started and that is why gigantic money is spent from the general reserve, almost a billion zlotys, to various foundations that are supposed to support the electoral PIS Kierwinski said.

“Once again public money is spent beyond any control”

– The general reserve of the state budget is to help people. By assumption, this is supposed to be money that is dedicated by the government, by the Prime Minister to extraordinary situations, unpredictable situations, situations that appear suddenly and this money is to be used to solve these problems in helping ordinary Poles, noted the MP. – It turns out that in Poland, ruled by PiS, this money is used only by selected people associated with PiS – he noted.

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As he described, “among the projects on the fingers of one hand, you can find projects that eliminate the effects of extraordinary circumstances.” – On the other hand, a lot of projects, i.e. they are deliberately donated to money, are to people associated with PiS. In order for these people to work in the election campaign, in order to increase PiS’s chances in the election campaign, he mentioned.

– Once again, public money is spent beyond any control, at discretion, without clear criteria, only where it suits PiS. It has nothing to do with a democratic rule of law, it has nothing to do with helping those who need help. This is just another ATM of Mr. Morawiecki, from which he constantly draws and gives his own – he concluded.

Kierwiński announced that the deputies would show at the conference “several very bright examples of what public money is used for, which should help the victims of drought, natural disasters, storms and floods”. – That’s what the money was supposed to be for, not helping fat PiS cats – he reminded.

“Money should be used to save people. PiS treats it as a rescue, but it saves itself”

Kropiwnicki said that “by analyzing the list of subsidies granted from the general reserve of the state budget, there is no doubt that this is treated as Prime Minister Morawiecki’s ATM.” “Last year, the prime minister spent more than 600 million on his own, with virtually no control,” he pointed out.

– This money should be used to save people. And I have no illusions that PiS treats them to the rescue, but it saves itself – he assessed. – This is absolutely their election campaign. We have no illusions about that,” he said.

According to the information provided by the deputies:

  • The Diocese of Kalisz received a total of PLN 7,808,006.35 in three stages in 2021 and 2023
  • The Mieszkaniesz Polsko Foundation received PLN 4,284,900 and PLN 3,177,315 for 2023
  • The History Association received PLN 9,995,120 for 2022
  • The Association of Deacon of the Light and Life Movement received PLN 19,929,724.77 in two stages for 2021 and 2022
  • The Dabar Foundation received PLN 7,754,000.44 in two stages in 2021 and 2022
  • The Holy Family Association received PLN 7,461,908.86 for 2021
  • The Tygodnik Wprost Foundation received PLN 5,562,693.40 in three stages in 2022 and 2023

“In Morawiecki’s government, everyone must have their own ATM to distribute gifts”

Urbaniak, in turn, reminded that “the general reserve is one of the elements of state security, the security of Polish women and men.” – Over the years, all governments have established this reserve and used it for natural disasters, for moments when there was a threat to the health and life of Poles – he said.

– In recent years, this money has been increasing. They are growing in an incredible way, in fact, we currently have an increase of more than five times this reserve. The situation is such that in Morawiecki’s government everyone must have their own ATM to distribute gifts. This reserve as well Justice Fund Ribs, like NCBiR, no longer serves Poland, does not serve Polish women and men. It is used by Morawiecki to give gifts, to buy votes before the elections – he concluded.

The deputy noted that “at the moment we have this reserve practically at the level of one billion zlotys”. “It’s something incredible,” he commented. He noted that the presented associations and foundations are “raisins selected from a very large, billion-dollar cake”.

Conference of MPs of the Civic CoalitionTVN24

At the end of the conference, Kierwiński announced that the deputies would submit a request to the Supreme Audit Office to check these expenses.

Main photo source: TVN24

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