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KO MPs on grants from the National Freedom Institute for organizations associated with PiS. They indicate the 10 “most generous” recipients

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The 10 foundations and associations most generously endowed by the National Freedom Institute in 2019-2021 are directly related to Law and Justice, Dariusz Joński and Michał Szczerba, members of the Civic Coalition, announced at a press conference. As they said, this is another installment of their parliamentary inspections. – We are dealing with an extraordinary pumping station. We are dealing with PiS-subsidies plus, assessed Szczerba.

– The trough plus program will end in nine months, that’s why activists and officers PiSwent to great feeding and sucking out every zloty, wherever possible, as much public money as possible – said KO MP Dariusz Joński at Thursday’s press conference.

As Joński said, the National Institute of Freedom “was to provide funds in the form of grants for volunteers and various public benefit organizations.” He added that together with MP Michał Szczerba, they analyzed to whom and in what amount the money was transferred in 2019-2021. – This money is transferred to offices, employment of employees, even car repairs of associations and foundations – said the deputy.

Dariusz Joński and Michał Szczerba

– To our surprise, although we should not be surprised anymore, the 10 most generously endowed foundations and associations, we are talking about eight foundations and two associations, are directly related to the ruling camp, PiS. Either these people are in the authorities, or in the councils of these foundations, or they work very closely with PiS, said the MP.

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He added that we are talking about “the amount of PLN 13 million 700 thousand”. Joński said that “on this list of the 10 most generously endowed, of course, there is the Polska Wielki Projekt Foundation”.

– Not only did they get a villa for five million zlotys, but the council of this foundation is none other than the deputy prime minister (Peter) Glinskiwho was the initiator of the establishment of the National Institute of Freedom – added the politician.

He said that the next foundation is the Promyka Institute. – It was founded in 2019. A woman who got engaged to an assistant Jarosław Kaczyński (Michał Moskalem-ed.), it was loud because they got engaged 1,000 meters underground, it was necessary to stop the work of the mine (…) is on the foundation’s council, which received 400,000 in two years – said Joński. He added that the foundation is financed not only from the National Institute of Freedom, but “probably of all state-owned companies, the largest ones are subsidized.” – There are Orlen, Enea, PGNiG, Polska Grupa Energetyczna, KGHM and the famous Bogdanka, where the engagement took place – he added.

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Szczerba: The Youth Initiatives Foundation received the largest amount of total grants

As Szczerba said, this is the next stage of their parliamentary inspections. According to the politician, another of the most generously subsidized organizations is the Youth Initiatives Foundation. – It received the largest amount of total grants from the entire National Freedom Institute in the last two years – he said.

The MP said that “the foundation was founded by the closest associate of Prime Minister Morawiecki, the hero of the e-mails (Michał) Dworczyk Mr. Mariusz Chłopik”. He added that he was the first president of the board of this foundation. According to Szczerba, the next president was Włodzimierz Dola, president of PL.2012+, which manages the National Stadium.

Then, as he said, the “baton” was passed to “another pisowczyk”. – This pisovszczyk is Piotr Rydzewski. He is a candidate for PiS councilor in the local government elections in Suwałki, added Szczerba. The MP said that when the foundation was taken over by Rydzewski, “all possible doors open to him”.

Szczerba about funds from the National Freedom InstituteTVN24

– Totalizator Sportowy and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego finance training projects for PiS youth called the Academy of Leaders of the Republic of Poland (…) The lecturers of the Academy of Leaders of the Republic of Poland are: Mateusz MorawieckiJadwiga Emilewicz, Adam Glapiński, Paweł Szefernaker and the editor, in quotation marks, Jacek Karnowski – he said.

Szczerba: We are dealing with PiS-subsidies plus

– Since there is a national Gliński institute, Gliński’s people must also get it – said Szczerba. He added that in 2019, the New Europe Institute Foundation was established. Szczerba said that after “two weeks of operation, the foundation submits an application to the National Institute of Freedom” and “receives PLN 300,000 on account”.

– There is no case here. The chairman of the foundation’s council is Julian Romuald Żelaznowski (…) Mr. Żelaznowski is an adviser in the political office of Deputy Prime Minister Gliński – added the KO MP.

– It was supposed to be for NGOs – it’s for their own. There were supposed to be subsidies for civil society, money has been “insolently” transferred over the last two years to the people of Morawiecki, Gliński and all those associated with PiS. We are dealing with an extraordinary pumping station. We are dealing with PiS-subsidies plus, assessed Szczerba at the press conference.

According to Joński, “there is an absolute jump on the money of the current authorities.” – We have no doubt, taking into account all the polls that are coming out at the moment, that all the brakes have already released. Just PiS activists, only where they can, milk public money – he added.

The National Institute of Freedom – Center for the Development of Civil Society was established by the Act of September 15, 2017. Its main task is to distribute money among non-governmental organizations. The Institute operates at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. It is supervised by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture Piotr Gliński.

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