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Kobylin-Borzem. PiS is losing percentage points in its stronghold. From almost 90 percent to just over 70 percent

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87.95 percent votes. This was the result achieved by Law and Justice in the Kobylin-Borzem commune (Podlaskie Voivodeship) four years ago. Currently, although it is still the leader, 70.87 percent voted for the ruling party. voters. This is one of the first communes where 100 percent of the votes were counted.

1,192 people out of 1,682 taking part in the elections voted for PiS in the Kobylin-Borzem commune in Wysokie Mazowieckie County – according to the counting of all votes from this region.

Which gave the ruling party – according to the National Electoral Commission – a result of 70.87 percent in its stronghold, where it had 87.95 percent four years ago. support.

However, the Confederation increased its support

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Confederation, second in 2019, which obtained a result of 4.81 percent, currently enjoys the support of 12.19 percent. voters.

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Trzecia Droga is still on the podium with a result of 7.07 percent, while – third also in 2019 – PSL had 3.75 percent. votes.

In the Kobylin-Borzem commune, PiS won, but with less support (illustrative photo)Shutterstock

KO is only the fourth

The Civic Coalition took fourth place (with a result of 5.29%), taking the place of SLD in the previous elections, which won 1.51%. votes were just below the podium.

The Kobylim-Borzem commune can also boast of a high turnout. It amounted to exactly 69.09 percent.

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