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Kobyłka. Drunken parents looked after their three children

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Police officers from Kobyłka received a report about a drunk man who was walking down the street with his six-year-old son. The account showed that the boy was driving his father and had to “pull” him off the road several times in front of moving cars. In the apartment, the officers found three children and a spouse. They both had over two per mille of alcohol.

The person on duty at the police station in Kobyłka, last Saturday, before 23.00, received a report about an intoxicated man who was to walk the entire width of the road with a child at the age of about six. – The applicant informed the police that she had witnessed an argument on the street between a man and a woman. Both – according to her report – were under the influence of alcohol. The woman left with her two children, and the man stayed with the boy. The child tried to drive the drunk father, he fell over, so the boy had to “pull” him off the road several times in front of moving cars. The applicant helped the six-year-old and took them to their place of residence in her car, reported Tomasz Sitek, spokesman of the Wołomin command.

The woman gave officers the location. They found a 36-year-old girl asleep, a 14-month-old girl asleep, and two boys aged 12 and 6. – The apartment was in a general disorder. The woman stated that she was at a barbecue drinking alcohol. She kept saying that “she knows her laws, that the policemen will not hurt her because it is Saturday and she can drink alcohol”. It turned out that he had over two per mille of alcohol. A man was sleeping on the floor in the room. He began to behave aggressively and waving his arms while trying to identify himself. The study showed 2.4 per mille of alcohol in his body, Sitek said.


Charges and police surveillance

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The policemen decided to arrest. – The children were placed in the care of their grandmother. The man and the woman were placed to sober up in the police detention center – added the policeman. The officers questioned their parents about caring for minors in a state of intoxication. – The man additionally heard the accusations of exposing his six-year-old son to the immediate danger of losing his life or suffering serious damage to health. By the prosecutor’s decision, he was placed under police supervision. The policemen will also refer the case materials to the family court in Wołomin in order to investigate the care situation of the family – summed up the spokesman of the Wołomin command.

The 39-year-old is facing three months to five years imprisonment.

Drunken mothers

The woman attacked the doctor, the men were policemenTVN 24 Katowice
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