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Kobyłka. Store robbery, one attacker dead. Autopsy results are in

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Preliminary autopsy results are in for a man who died after a store robbery. An attempted theft took place almost a week ago in Kobyłka near Warsaw. Surveillance footage quickly surfaced online, showing the shop owner defending himself with a knife.

– The experts’ opinion indicates that the direct cause of death of the 25-year-old was one fatal stab wound to the left side of the torso. The full opinion will show whether the man also had other injuries – Katarzyna Skrzeczkowska, a spokeswoman for the Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor’s Office, told us on Saturday.

On Sunday around 11:30 p.m., two attackers wearing balaclavas entered a store in Kobyłka. – One of them had a gun. The second metal tube. Inside, they found a store employee. One of the men tried to steal money. Then the shop owner came out. There was a struggle and the owner stabbed one of the attackers with a knife, after which the attackers fled, Skrzeczkowska informed at the beginning of the week.

Recording from a surveillance camera

A surveillance video of the attack was posted on social media. The video shows one of the assailants walking behind the store counter and – presumably – trying to open the cash register. After a while, the owner appears and prevents him from leaving. There is a scuffle, the second attacker runs up to the counter and threatens the man with a gun. He grabs a long knife, delivers two stabs to the attacker’s side and pushes him out. Both aggressors escape from the store.

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One of them died a few hundred meters away, the other was soon arrested. He heard a charge of attempted robbery and was arrested. The owner was questioned as a witness. The prosecutor’s office will explain whether he has not exceeded the limits of self-defense.

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