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Kolbudy Commune. Water problems in four localities. By coli bacteria

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You cannot consume water without boiling it in the Kolbudy commune in Pomerania – informs the Sanepid in Pruszcz Gdański. All because in one of the water intakes bacteria from the coli group were detected.

As informed by the health department in Pruszcz Gdański, the water from the intake at Ordynacka Street in Bąków is safe to drink only after boiling. All because on August 3, coliform bacteria were detected in it.

Recommendations for residents

The intake supplies water to: Kowal, Janków, Bąkowo, parts of Otomin and Borekowo – on Friday, the Nowy Horyzont estate in Borków was excluded from this list, because water will be supplied there from other sources. In the above-mentioned places – as reported by the Sanepid inspectors – you cannot use tap water without boiling it first. After boiling, it can be used for food preparation, washing fruits, vegetables and personal hygiene. Tap water, however, is suitable – according to the Sanepid – for household purposes, such as flushing toilets or cleaning the floor.

– Pursuant to the applicable legal regulations, water containing single coliform bacteria does not pose a health risk and this water may be conditionally approved for consumption in the absence of pathogenic bacteria. The presence of individual coliforms in the drinking water may indicate that water quality deteriorates, hence the need to take immediate appropriate remedial actions and determine the cause of the deterioration of water quality by the water supply manager – commented Dominika Mucha, director of the Poviat Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Pruszcz Gdański. – Our announcement was issued with extreme caution towards consumers who are supplied with water from the intake in question – she added.

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The waterworks manager is to flush and chlorinate the water. Recommendations are valid until further notice.

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