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Kolbuszowa. He wanted to install a photovoltaic system cheaply. The offer of solar panels at an attractive price turned out to be a scam

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A resident of the Kolbuszów poviat in Podkarpacie received an offer to set up photovoltaics at a very favorable price. However, instead of cheap energy, he ended up in debt. According to the police, the man did not have money for the service, so he agreed that the company would take a loan on his behalf. He only realized that he had fallen victim to a scam when no one answered his calls.

The incident took place in December last year, but a resident of the district of Kolbuszów notified the police only a few days ago.

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The man signed the contract for the establishment photovoltaic panelsand since he had no money for the service, he agreed that the company would take out a loan on his behalf. According to the report of the applicant, at the end of last year he was visited by a representative of the company who offered to install photovoltaic panels at a very favorable price. Despite the signed contract, the installation did not live to see.

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He agreed to a loan, he did not receive the documents

– Since the victim stated that he did not have the funds to buy the panels, the company representative offered that the company could take out a loan on his behalf, and the service would be performed in the coming months. A resident of the Kolbuszów district agreed to such a solution and signed a contract with the company’s representative for the installation of panels, Commissioner Jolanta Skubisz-Tęcza announced on Monday.

After a few days, the man received a call from a bank representative who made sure that the man really wanted to apply for a loan.

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– The victim confirmed, but did not receive any documents confirming the conclusion of the loan agreement with the bank. A few weeks later, he received his first loan repayment request, the press officer noted.

The concerned man called the company several times with doubts, but was assured that this was normal procedure.

Photovoltaic scam. Police warn

– After some time, however, contact with the company broke off, and the man received information that the facility had been liquidated. He then realized that he had fallen victim to scammers and notified the police – reported Skubisz-Tęcza.

The victim lost over PLN 1,000, which he paid towards the loan installments. Officers are investigating the fraud.

The police warn that scammers use different ways to extort money from us.

“Sometimes an attractive offer can lull our vigilance and lead to ill-considered decisions. Let’s not act hastily, check the credibility of the offer. Be careful when concluding any contracts. Also, remember not to share your documents with strangers” – warns the police.

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