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Kolbuszowa, Rzeszow. A policewoman who checked her friends’ ID cards under the influence of alcohol at a party, suspended from her duties

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A 20-year-old officer of the Kolbuszów police who, being under the influence of alcohol during a party in an apartment in Rzeszów (Podkarpackie Voivodeship), was first supposed to identify her friends and then called a police patrol to the spot, was suspended from her duties. Disciplinary proceedings have also been instituted against the uniformed officer, which concerns the violation of the rules of professional ethics.

– After carrying out the investigation, disciplinary proceedings were initiated on Monday in terms of committing a disciplinary offense by a police officer. The officer on Tuesday (March 14 – editor’s note) was also suspended in her official duties, Commissioner Jolanta Skubisz-Tęcza, press officer of the District Police Headquarters in Kolbuszowa, told us.

Disciplinary penalties provided for by the regulations include: admonition, reprimand, warning of incomplete suitability for service in the position held, assignment to a lower service position, reduction in rank, warning of incomplete suitability for service and dismissal from service.

– Irrespective of the ongoing disciplinary proceedings, investigations are still underway in the case of an offense under Article 66 paragraph 1 of the Code of Petty Offenses (unfounded call to the police – editor’s note). At the present stage, both of these proceedings are pending – added the press officer of the KPP in Kolbuszowa.

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The drunk policewoman asked for police help

The incident happened on Sunday, March 5. – An intoxicated policewoman who was off duty on Sunday (March 5 – ed.) around 5.30 informed the duty officer that she was on one of the streets in Kolbuszów and asked for support from the patrol – Commissioner Jolanta Skubisz-Tęcza told us.

As she said, the police found out that the woman was staying in one of the apartments in Rzeszów, not in Kolbuszowa, so the duty officer of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Rzeszów was informed about this situation.

– Police officers from the Rzeszów patrol were directed to Pigonia Street, where the night silence was supposed to be disturbed. On the spot, the officers found three women in front of the block. During the activities, it turned out that one of them is an officer of the District Police Headquarters in Kolbuszowa. According to the findings of the intervening policemen, the woman tried to silence her friends who were loud and could disturb other people. Because her friends did not want to be quiet, she asked for police support – Staff Sergeant Magdalena Żuk, spokeswoman for the Municipal Police Headquarters in Rzeszów told us.

The 20-year-old officer was breathalysed. – The test was positive. The result is 0.98 mg / l of alcohol – informed Żuk. It’s about two millimeters.

The policewoman admonished her friends, checked her ID and called a patrol

The case was first reported by the Rzeszów “Gazeta Wyborcza”. “According to the information we received, a few days ago the officer went to a party with her friends. In the morning, her friends invited her to their apartment. except for the policewoman, for whom her friends were too loud. She admonished them, asked them to be quieter. They did not react. So she joined the police intervention because of disturbing the night silence “- we read in the Podkarpackie daily.

According to the journalists, the officer tried to ID all the people in the apartment. She was supposed to ask for their IDs and cell phones. “When the order was not carried out, she stated that she was calling the duty officer of the District Police Headquarters in Kolbuszowa to have a patrol arrive. Friends thought she was joking. Meanwhile, she asked for support from her unit and then left the block to wait for colleagues ” – reports “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

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