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Kolno. After winning the elections, the councilor got into a drunken row at a gas station and insulted the police

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At a gas station in Kolno (Podlaskie Voivodeship), three drunk men were arguing because there were no hot dogs. They also wanted to buy alcohol and insulted the station employees. When the police arrived, one of the men was also aggressive towards the officers. As it turned out, it was a newly elected city councilor. The man has already been charged. He faces up to three years in prison. If there is a final conviction, the councilor will lose his mandate and by-elections will be held in the city.

– On Monday (April 8), around 5 a.m., we received a report that at one of the gas stations in Kolno, three intoxicated men were aggressive towards station employees – says Senior Sergeant Ewa Zabłocka from the District Police Headquarters in Kolno.

The officers found out on the spot that the men started arguing because there were no hot dogs.

He was taken into police custody

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– They also wanted to buy alcohol, and when they were refused by the station employees, they started insulting them using vulgar language – notes Senior Sgt. Zabłocka.

He adds that one of the men was also aggressive towards the officers.

– He was detained in police custody – the policewoman notes.

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He is a newly elected councilor

TVN24 reporter Mateusz Grzymkowski managed to determine that the man in question is one of the newly elected city councilors.

This information was also provided by Polish Radio Białystok. The police cannot share such data. Therefore, it does not confirm that it is a councilor.

He has already heard the charges

However, as reported by Polskie Radio Białystok, eyewitness accounts show that the other two men also introduced themselves as councilors. And all three allegedly threatened the officers that they would be dismissed from their jobs.

– The man was charged with insulting officers and influencing official activities. He faces up to three years in prison. After hearing the charges, he was released. However, investigation activities will be initiated against the remaining two for the offense – informs Senior Sgt. Zabłocka.

By-elections may be held

In addition to criminal liability, a councilor must also take into account political consequences.

Marek Rybnik, director of the branch office of the National Electoral Office in Białystok, explains that according to the law, if a councilor is convicted by a final judgment of an intentional crime prosecuted by public prosecution, the electoral commissioner will terminate his mandate.

– Until then, he can be a councilor. However, after the mandate expires, if the commune has up to 20,000 inhabitants (and this is the case here), by-elections are announced. If the commune has more than 20,000 inhabitants, elections are not announced, and the councilor's place is taken by the candidate who obtained the largest number of votes on a given list – he emphasizes.

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