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Kolobrzeg. Five people poisoned with chlorine in the hotel pool, among injured children

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Five people, including three children, poisoned with chlorine in a swimming pool in one of the hotels in Kołobrzeg (West Pomeranian Voivodeship). According to police information, there was a malfunction in the hotel swimming pool chlorine dosing device.

The incident took place on Friday in the swimming pool of one of the hotels in Kołobrzeg. Capt. Tomasz Kubiak, the press spokesman of the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Szczecin, said that around 12.40 the service received a report of four poisoned people – initially there were three children aged 7, 8 and 9 and one adult.

19 other people also reported symptoms. After examining them, a total of five people were observed at the hospital – apart from children, two adults: a 40-year-old man and a 50-year-old woman.

The fire brigade and the police worked on the spot. – There was an intense smell of chlorine on the ground floor. The guests complained of a scratchy throat, shortness of breath and headaches. The reason was the excessive amount consumed by them at one time. The water norm was exceeded 3-4 times – details are provided by senior captain Krzysztof Azierski from the County Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Kołobrzeg.

The chlorine poisoning occurred in the pool areaPhotos: Artur Sempruch / Miastokolobrzeg.pl

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Chlorine metering device failure

The services have already established the cause of the poisoning. – There has been a failure of the chlorine dosing device for water treatment – said senior sergeant Karolina Seemann from the District Police Headquarters in Kołobrzeg. This was confirmed by the hotel management. – Parts have been replaced, everything works. There was a department of health and safety on the spot and he was doing research. At that time, the hotel was operating normally – we were told by Dominika Lesiak, the hotel director.

– There was a breakdown in the system that dosed chlorine. For some time, the installation was suspended, chlorine was not transferred to the water, and when the system started up, a large dose was transferred to the swimming pool water – details Captain Azierski.

A chemical unit of the State Fire Service from Szczecin worked at the scene of the accident, which checked whether the concentration of chlorine in the pool water was safe.


Main photo source: Miastokolobrzeg.pl

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