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Kolobrzeg. He was supposed to make women fall in love with him and then kill them. Mariusz G. was brought before a court

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The trial of Mariusz G. accused of killing three women in the Kołobrzeg commune (West Pomeranian Voivodeship) has started. The man was first – according to the investigators – to make the victims fall in love with him, and after the crime to appropriate their property. Along with him, the accused sat on the bench with four other people who were to help him.

The trial started on Thursday in the District Court in Koszalin. Mariusz G. is accused that he “committed the murder of three women in the Kołobrzeg commune, and crimes against the property and credibility of documents, also committed in agreement with four co-suspects”.

The indictment in this case covers a total of five people.

As Alicja Macugowska-Kyszka from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin informed, the man was to “act with the intention of directly killing his life”. This means that – according to the investigators’ findings – by flirting with women, he was already planning their murders. The goal was to seize their property – mainly flats that belonged to women.

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Mariusz G. was supposed to kill three womene-kg.pl

After the crime, he was supposed to appropriate the property of the victims

According to investigators, Mariusz G. killed for the first time in the spring of 2016, and he was to have committed further murders in October 2018 and June 2019.

– After committing these crimes, the man undertook a series of actions to conceal the crime. Among others, he went with one of the co-suspects outside Poland, from where he then sent SMS messages to the family members of the killed woman, intended to pretend that the woman was still alive – reported Macugowska-Kyszka. The co-suspect is the local businessman Dorota Ł., Privately the fiancée of Mariusz G.


As it was established in the course of the investigation, the suspect was also supposed to conclude five loan agreements for the total amount of over PLN 225,000 for the personal data of the previously killed women.

Mariusz G. heard the allegations of the murder of three women at the end of 2019. According to investigators, his victims were 54-year-old Bogusława R., 31-year-old Iwona K. and 37-year-old Aneta D.

G. is in pre-trial detention. A few weeks ago, Dorota Ł was released on bail. The main accused is facing life imprisonment. One woman faces up to eight years in prison for fraud, and the other three face up to five years’ imprisonment for covering up the traces of the crime.

The bodies of the victims rested in shallow gravestvn24

“He was always helpful and kind”

As reported by wp.pl, when the man was arrested in June 2019, he thought that he would only be responsible for the fraud. However, when the investigators from the “X Archives” found the body of Bogusława R., he was to confess during an interrogation to the next two murders and indicate where the bodies were hidden.

Iwona K. was to be the first victim of the suspect – she disappeared in the spring of 2016. Aneta D. was supposed to die in October 2018. Both were to be murdered in the Kołobrzeg commune.

Mariusz G. is a sailor from Kołobrzeg. – He was always helpful, nice. I only watched the scenarios described by the prosecutor’s office in films. And here you can see that the script is happening next to me – said TVN24 Łukasz Zięba from the Kołobrzeg Walrus Club.

Main photo source: e-kg.pl

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