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Kołobrzeg. “He was unsteady on his feet and had a toy gun in his hand”

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Kołobrzeg police received a report about a man who may be in possession of a weapon. At the scene, they found him drunk and brandishing a toy gun.

The incident took place on June 5 in Kołobrzeg. The police station received a report about a man who may have a weapon and is walking the streets with it. The officer on duty sent a patrol to the spot. The officers who arrived at the scene noticed a man brandishing a “gun” and saying it was a toy gun.

The press officer of the Kołobrzeg police, Staff Sergeant Karolina Seemann, said that he was very drunk. – He was limp on his legs and contact with him was difficult. The officers detained him to sober him up, she added.

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The police station did not receive any reports regarding threats made by the man or damage caused, so he was released after sobering up.

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