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Kołobrzeg. Paratroopers drowned in the Baltic Sea. Marek T.'s trial has started, “I don't feel guilty”

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The trial of Marek T. began before the District Court in Kołobrzeg. The prosecutor's office accuses him of unintentionally violating safety rules and unintentionally causing an air traffic accident in which two parachutists died. The man pleaded not guilty to the charges against him and provided extensive explanations.

– Being responsible for the safety of people performing parachute jumps, he failed to fulfill his duties by planning and executing parachute jumps at the airport in Bagicz – said prosecutor Iwona Pluta during the hearing on Monday. According to the prosecutor's office, the organizer was negligent. The jumpers were to land on the beach, i.e. on the so-called in an unintentional area, even though three of them did not have such permissions. The lack of life jackets was also pointed out.

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The prosecutor also pointed to “combining the functions of the jump organizer, ejector and pilot taking the jumpers out in the absence of a co-pilot, insufficient protection from the water rescue service, and also making a decision, as a pilot, to eject the jumpers on a course perpendicular to the coastline towards the high seas, in a manner “unintentionally violated air traffic safety rules, as a result of which all the jumpers landed in the water.”

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Two parachutists drowned and two paratroopers were exposed to direct danger of loss of life or serious damage to health.

The prosecutor's office is investigating the death of a 29- and 33-year-old woman6/08| Four people who were jumping with parachutes over the Baltic Sea were carried away by the wind and fell into the sea near the Podczele estate in Kołobrzeg (West Pomeranian Voivodeship). Two women, a 29- and a 33-year-old, died despite almost an hour of resuscitation. As a TVN24 reporter unofficially determined, they were experienced jumpers with licenses.tvn24

He pleads not guilty

Marek T. said during the hearing that he “does not feel guilty” and provided extensive explanations. He referred to, among others: for 45 years of professional experience and emphasized that his priority has always been ensuring safety. – I have trained hundreds of paratroopers who actively practice sports, have results, and some cooperate with me – he said. – It happened many times that I did not allow less experienced people to jump in conditions that were not favorable to their skills. In Bagicz, all students who jumped always wore vests, and jumpers with a qualification certificate had the opportunity to use these vests. When it comes to jumpers with a qualification certificate, they are responsible for their own equipment and decide whether they want to use it, he emphasized.

– On August 5, a great tragedy happened that shocked me and hurt me for life, but I do not feel responsible. As an organizer and pilot, I did everything possible to make these jumps safe – said Marek T.

He also provided, among others: that on that day there was an instructor briefing, the weather was checked and the wind direction was monitored. – The indictment says that I was a pilot, ejector and organizer all day long, and that I performed all these functions at the same time. I made seven jumps that day and spent less than 3.5 hours in the air. The remaining time I was on the ground, where I could coordinate all activities and consult with the export pilot, tandem instructor and cameraman – said Marek T.

As the prosecutor's office reported earlier, according to Marek T., what could have contributed to the tragic accident were the jumpers' own decisions while they were already in the air.

Four paratroopers fell into the sea. Two women are deadcitykolobrzeg.pl

Two paratroopers died

The accident occurred on August 5, 2019. Four parachutists – two women, aged 29 and 33, and two men, aged 37 and 33 – approx. At 7:30 p.m. they jumped with parachutes from a Cessna plane that took off from the Bagicz airport in Kołobrzeg.

After making the star twice in the air, everyone was to land on a nearby beach. However, this did not work out. The second attempt at making the figure failed, the jumpers did not hold hands, opened their parachutes and fell into the Baltic Sea at various heights and distances from the shore.

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The 37-year-old landed about three meters from the shore, the 33-year-old – about 30 meters from the shore. They both left the Baltic Sea on their own. Both women ended up in the water about 200 meters from the shore. The unconscious women were fished out by WOPR and Coastal Rescue Service rescuers after about 20 minutes. Despite resuscitation, they could not be saved.

The accused faces a sentence of up to eight years in prison.

Main photo source: citykolobrzeg.pl

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