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Koluszki. Łódź. He was wanted on a warrant. He hid under a bench from the police. His brother was sitting in the closet

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Police officers from Koluszki (Łódź Voivodeship) detained a 22-year-old man wanted by an arrest warrant. The man was hiding in one of the flats in Łódź, under a bench covered with furniture. The man’s brother was found by the police in the wardrobe. – The man claimed that he hid in it because he thought the girl was looking for him.

The incident happened on Monday (February 13). Police officers from Koluszki went to Łódź because they found out that a 22-year-old resident of the Andrespol commune, wanted on a warrant, may be hiding in one of the flats.

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The wanted man hid under the bench. His brother in the closet

When officers knocked on the door, the household found out that the wanted man did not live at this address. But the uniforms decided to check the apartment thoroughly anyway. – To their surprise, they found the brother of the wanted man hiding in the wardrobe, who, as he claimed, hid in it because he thought the girl was looking for him – described the young asp. Aneta Kotynia from the police for the eastern district of Łódź. He added that the police also searched other rooms. – In one of the rooms they noticed an armchair with pouffes covering a table bench. When they moved the furniture, they revealed a 22-year-old hidden under the table. He was wanted on an arrest warrant for falsifying invoices. The man has been detained and now he will spend the next time behind bars, serving his outstanding sentence, the policewoman said.

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The 22-year-old wanted was hiding in Łódź

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