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Koluszki. Moose walks around the estate, streets and along bicycle paths

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A moose has been appearing in Koluszki (Łódź Voivodeship) for several days now. He walks around the estate, streets, he also appears on bicycle paths. City officials warn residents and urge them to be careful on the roads. In turn, the district huntsman from Łódź reminds that moose can be dangerous to humans and must not be approached.

Moose in Koluszki has been appearing for several days. Surveillance footage shows him running down the street. In turn, one of the residents recorded an elk walking in the grain, right next to the bicycle path. He was also seen on the viaduct.

Moose on the estate, on the streets and by the bike path

– The moose has been coming to Koluszki for several days, the inhabitants meet it in various places. He was seen on the estate, by the bicycle road, he used to be on the viaduct. Residents report these situations to the commune every time – says Mateusz Karwowski from the municipal office in Koluszki. – Of course, we warn you to be careful on the roads. 40 percent of the Koluszki commune is forests, so we expect the moose to come back – adds the official.

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Moose walks around KoluszkiMunicipal monitoring in Koluszki

It is estimated that there may already be over 30 moose in the area of ​​the Koluszki Forest District.

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Nearly a thousand elk in the Łódź Voivodeship

The district hunter from the Polish Hunting Association in Łódź, in an interview with tvn24.pl, emphasizes that the moose population in the Łódź Voivodeship has increased significantly in recent years. – It is estimated that their number is approaching a thousand individuals. Moose are already appearing everywhere and they are not afraid of anything. All because they do not have natural enemies here, such as wolves or bears – explains Przemysław Kobacki.

Moose walks around Koluszki

Moose walks around KoluszkiChristian

He adds that the moose, contrary to appearances, is a dangerous animal. – You must not approach him and stroke him, a moose often weighs 300 kilograms and could trample a person. In addition, if there is a car accident involving this animal, it usually ends tragically for him and the driver – he concludes.

Main photo source: Municipal monitoring in Koluszki

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