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Konin. 21-year-old Adam died after being shot by a police gun. The attorney for the family requested that the case be transferred to the District Court

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The representative of the family of a 21-year-old man from Konin (Greater Poland Voivodeship) shot with a police weapon wants the case to be dealt with by the district court, not the district court. As the lawyer explains, although the prosecutor’s office accused the policeman of involuntary manslaughter, the court may change the qualification of the act to homicide. The lawyer for the policeman, in turn, announces that he will fight for the acquittal of his client.

The case of the death of 21-year-old Adam, who was shot with a police weapon in 2019 we describe on the tvn24.pl portal on a regular basis since the tragedy. Attorney Zbigniew Krüger, representing the family of the deceased, filed a motion with the District Court in Kalisz to request the appellate court to transfer the case to the regional court for examination. As he says, the reasons are the special social importance of the case, its complexity and counteracting the lengthiness of the proceedings.

– If during the trial it turned out that we are dealing with a homicide, the case would have to be taken over by the district court, i.e. the trial would have to be started again – emphasizes the lawyer.

He noted that “no one claims that the officer wanted to shoot the young boy on purpose”, but – as he emphasizes – the accused “put the gun to his back and the shot was fired from the so-called touchdown”:

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– There is a qualification of homicide with eventual intent, which can only be decided by a higher court – he explained.

In his opinion, the circumstances of the case indicate that a change in the classification of the act may take place.

Adam died on November 14, 2019tvn24.pl

“Speed ​​is not the most important thing in this case”

According to the representative of the family of the deceased, “this is not a case where the speed of the trial should be important”.

– The most important thing should be to get to the truth and have a fair trial. The case is so complicated, ambiguous and already at this stage there are many doubts that should be clarified as to how the boy’s death actually happened – said Zbigniew Krüger.

He assured that no one had any interest in prolonging anything. According to him, it is in the public interest to investigate the matter in depth due to the complexity, importance and controversy that accompany it.


– This is another death of a man in recent years, related to interventions by policemen – he noted.

The defense lawyer will ask for an acquittal

The lawyer of the accused policeman, Michał Wójcik, said that he would apply for his acquittal because, as he stated, no crime had been committed at all.

“It was an unfortunate accident, a combination of unfortunate circumstances,” he said. Therefore, he believes that the case should remain in the district court.

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He admitted that he was aware that the application was made to change the qualification to a homicide charge, which the district court cannot deal with. He believes, however, that the crime of homicide did not take place, and submitting such requests tends to prolong the proceedings.

He recalled that the indictment was originally submitted to the District Court in Konin. For the sake of the justice system, he was transferred to Kalisz, where the case was registered and “hung”.

– On the one hand, everyone expects and asks why it takes so long, why the proceedings are conducted in a sluggish manner. And when the investigation is closed, these kinds of conclusions do not help to resolve this case – said the defendant’s lawyer.

The accused policeman faces up to five years in prison. Sławomir L. pleaded not guilty during the investigation.

When he saw the police car, he ran away

On the tragic day, November 14, 2019, the policemen noticed 21-year-old Adam, who was standing in the company of two younger boys. Upon seeing the police car, the man ran away.

Sergeant Sławomir L. ran after him. After a few seconds, a police gun shot was heard. As it turned out, the bullet hit the fleeing 21-year-old and killed him.

Prosecutors – as we reported on tvn24.pl as the first – had problems with reconstructing what exactly happened between the blocks at Wyszyński Street in Konin. Surveillance cameras did not record the moment of the event. Therefore, the investigators had to rely on the findings of experts, and these were contradictory. Two forensic experts determined that Adam had been hit from the front. The third expert opinion – a chemist from the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police in Warsaw – indicated that Adam could have been hit in the back.

In the face of doubts that could not be clarified, during the confrontation of the experts in the building of the prosecutor’s office in Łódź, the investigators commissioned a new, comprehensive expertise at the Institute of Forensic Expertise. prof. Jan Sehn in Krakow. They received it at the end of April last year. Its content was presented on tvn24.pl on where the policeman was charged.

The tragedy happened in Konin

Main photo source: TVN24 Lodz

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