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Konin, Rudzica. The memorial site for Jews murdered in 1941 was devastated

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For many years, residents from the vicinity of Rudzica (Greater Poland Voivodeship) have been taking care of a symbolic grave commemorating Jews shot by the Germans in 1941. Recently, someone has ravaged this place. He broke the gate, pulled one plate out of the ground and knocked the other over.

The POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews informed on Tuesday about the devastation of a memorial site in a forest near Rudzica (Greater Poland Voivodeship). It is not known who is responsible for it and when exactly this event happened.

The head of Rudzica, Magdalena Nowacka, said that the monument had probably been devastated in the last month, as she and the local residents regularly visit the memorial site. As she admitted, she found out about the devastation on Tuesday. – Everything was destroyed, devastated. One plate was overturned, the other one was torn from the ground, the gate is broken, but tomorrow we will try to fix it – she said. She emphasized that she and her husband had already removed and cleaned up most of the damage.

1,500 Jews died in the forests near RudzicaVirtual Shtetl / POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews


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The mayor added that despite her attempts, she failed to remove the inscription “Ave Hitler”, which someone scratched on a concrete grave. – I was shocked. I know the history of this place, because the deceased neighbors were eyewitnesses of what was happening in this forest – emphasized Nowacka.

1,500 Jews were shot

According to information provided by the POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews, at the turn of September and October 1941, in the forest in Niesłusz-Rudzica, the Germans shot 1.5 thousand people. Jewish inhabitants of Konin, Kleczew, Skulsk, Słupca and the surrounding towns. The victims were buried in three mass graves. According to the museum, in the spring of 1944, the Germans returned to the site to cover up the traces of the crime. The bodies of the victims were lifted from the ground and burned, their ashes scattered around the area. The symbolic grave commemorating the victims of the crime was established in 1977.

Police without reporting

It is known that the police are not dealing with the case yet. Sergeant Szymon Urycki from the police in Konin informed that so far no one had informed the officers about this incident. Sołtys Nowacka admitted that she had not submitted a notification to the headquarters because, as assessed by the officers, they would not have detected the perpetrators or perpetrators of the devastation, and most of the traces and damage had already been removed.

A ceremony commemorating the victims of the crime committed in the forest near Rudzica is planned for September 23

Main photo source: Virtual Shtetl / POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

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