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Konin. The newborn baby died after giving birth in the bathroom. Charges for the mother

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A 23-year-old resident of Greater Poland is threatened with up to five years in prison. In April, a woman gave birth to a child in the bathroom of her home. During delivery, the newborn hit its head on the ground and died after a few hours in the hospital.

A tragic childbirth took place on April 22 in one of the houses in the Konin County. A 23-year-old woman, without any assistance, gave birth to a child in the bathroom of her home.

At that time, the 23-year-old mother-in-law was also in the building. Concerned that the daughter-in-law does not leave the bathroom for a long time, the woman entered the room and noticed the newborn lying in the paddling pool. The woman called the ambulance. The newborn child died a few hours later in the hospital in Konin.

According to the prosecutor’s office, some injuries were visible on the child’s body, so the doctors informed the police about the case.


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Plea to the mother of the newborn

Now, the mother of the newborn is charged with exposing her child to immediate danger of loss of life or serious damage to health during childbirth. – She did not inform medical professionals or family members about the commencement of labor and she did not secure the umbilical cord by ligating it, which resulted in the newborn, in the course of the so-called childbirth, hit the head on a hard surface – pointed out Ewa Woźniak, the press spokesman of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Konin.

Experts’ reports showed that the newborn had died as a result of a serious head injury. Throughout her pregnancy, the woman did not see any doctor. – The suspect provided perfunctory explanations – informed the prosecutor. As reported by Woźniak, in July the court decided to limit the parental authority of the woman over her three children and instituted the supervision of a probation officer. Exposing a person to the immediate risk of loss of life or serious damage to health, if the perpetrator is under an obligation to care for the exposed person, is punishable by three months to five years’ imprisonment.

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