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Konin, Turek. Monika is dead. She was afraid of her ex-partner, who should have been in prison for drugs a long time ago

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When Monika died, her ex-partner was already facing a case at the prosecutor's office for assaulting her, and besides, he should have been in prison for drug offences for a long time. Despite the objections of the district prosecutor's office and the district court, the district court postponed the sentence due to the poor health of the convicted – an active boxer. The police concluded that Monika had taken her own life. The circumstances of the tragedy and their doubts were discussed by the family of the deceased in a report on the program “Uwaga!” TVN.

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34-year-old Monika was found dead in her apartment in Konin on June 14 this year. The dates in this story are important. The first to see the body were the woman's brother and mother. As they told in a report on the TVN program “Uwaga!”, Monika was in the kitchen, standing on the floor leaning against the wall, not hanging. We are reporting these tragic circumstances because they seem to contradict the actions of the police.

Monika is dead, her ex-partner should be in prisonTVN24

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The police called to the scene determined that the woman had committed suicide by hanging herself. Family and friends do not see a motive. Monika liked her job, she ran a beauty salon, she had plans. The deceased's brother told “Uwaga!” that the police did not call a prosecutor, forensics technicians or a doctor to the scene of the tragedy. We asked the police in Konin about this, their explanations are below.

Recently Monika was involved with Szymon K., a martial arts fighter from Turek. They broke up half a year ago, stormily.

Watch the report of the program “Uwaga!” TVN: “Sudden Death of Young Makeup Artist. I Think Someone Helped Her”

Half a year ago she broke up with a martial arts athlete.Attention TVN

The Crimes of Szymon K.

As we learned from the report, K. has been sentenced to an unconditional prison sentence, which he has not served to this day. The case was brought to court by the district prosecutor's office in Turek, and the verdict was issued by the local court.

Let's go back to the dates. The verdict was passed in May 2022 and concerned drug offences. K.'s defence lawyer applied to the court to postpone the execution of the verdict due to the convict's health. The application went to the District Court in Konin, because the District Court in Turek rejected it. The court in Konin sent K. for tests to an expert doctor and in September 2022 postponed the verdict for 6 months. After that time, K. repeated the application – according to the regulations, the execution of the verdict can be postponed for a maximum of one year due to health. This time, the district court ordered tests, which K. did not attend.

Turkish investigators objected. As Mam Aleksandra Marańda from the District Prosecutor's Office in Turek said, they sent to the court, among other things, videos in which K. practices martial arts, which means he seems physically fit. In addition, at the end of December last year, she initiated another investigation against the boxer, this time related to Monika. It concerns her assault, theft of a car and money from a beauty salon.

Monika is dead, her ex-partner should be in prisonAttention! TVN

Meanwhile, K. did not report to the police, despite being under supervision, nor for expert examination.

– On June 26, the court issued a decision not to grant the motion to postpone the verdict. The court will now issue a decision to have the convict brought to prison by the police. If this cannot be done, the next step may be an arrest warrant – says Piotr Jasnowski, president of the District Court in Turek.

Unfortunately, it is too late for Monika.

There was no suspicion of a crime

The woman told her relatives that she was afraid of her ex-partner.

– I saw my sister a week and a half before her death, and I heard her the day before she died. She was sad, she said she was afraid for her life – the woman's brother said in Uwaga. “Someone hurt me. The case is with the police, it will go to court. My car was stolen” – Monika said in one of the recordings.

Due to the family’s concerns, the case of Monika’s death was taken over by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Konin.

– A forensic technician conducts an examination when a crime has been committed. When the body (of Monika – ed.) was found, there was no such suspicion, which is why he did not perform any activities there – informs the spokeswoman for the police in Konin, Maria Baranowska. – As for the question regarding the positioning of the body, due to the fact that a report of a crime has been filed, I cannot comment on this topic until the end of the case.

Monika was afraid for her life

Monika was afraid for her lifeAttention TVN

Main image source: TVN24

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