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Konstancin-Jeziorna. There is a sentence for the murder of 16-year-old Cornelia

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16-year-old Kornelia thought she was going to celebrate her friend’s 17th birthday. She was brutally murdered, and her body was thrown into a previously dug hole and buried. The prosecutor and the family representative demanded the most severe punishment for the defendants – a friend and teenagers’ friend. The court sentenced Patryk B. and Martyna S. to 25 years’ imprisonment

The trial was pending before the District Court in Warsaw. Last week, the parties made their closing speeches. The prosecutor and the representative of the Kornelia family demanded the most severe sentence for the defendants (life imprisonment for Patryk B., 25 years in prison for Martyna S., as she was underage at the time of the crime).

The defense of the accused argued in the last word that there was no clear evidence that the girl had participated in the murder. In turn, representatives of Patryk B. argued that the man was changing the version of events in order to defend his girlfriend. The court sentenced Patryk B. and Martyna S. to 25 years’ imprisonment. The judgment is not final.

End of investigation into the death of 16-year-old Cornelia. A friend from school and her boyfriend will answer for the murder.

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The grave was dug earlier

Martyna and Kornelia met in the fall of 2019 at the Vocational School Complex in Góra Kalwaria. The future victim was supposed to be – according to Martyna – popular. At that time, Martyna had been seeing Patryk, who was nine years her senior, for a year now. The couple wanted to start their own business, and the 16-year-old Cornelia was supposed to be a competition. The murder plan was to be drafted in the first weeks of 2020. “They agreed that they would bring Kornelia to Konstancin-Jeziorna, dig a hole, shoot her and bury her” – wrote the prosecutor in the indictment to the District Court in Warsaw.

“When we received the missing report, Cornelia was already dead.”

According to the findings of the investigators, Patryk B. dug a grave in the forest near the Łęgi Oborskie reserve. He brought a shovel from home. He was to ask a friend to bring the victim and his partner to the forest, offering him 50 zlotys. Cornelia thought she was going to celebrate her friend’s 17th birthday, which was February 12th. The girls met in front of the church in Piaseczno.

According to the investigators, on February 11 at around At 6:30 PM, a friend of Patryk B. took his girlfriend in a personal Honda, then Martyna S., and then went to Piaseczno for Kornelia. Then they drove to the forest, where they planned to drink alcohol and shoot from an airgun purchased by Patrick B. A man was waiting nearby. The prosecutor’s office confirmed that three friends reached the pit that Patryk was supposed to have dug the day before.


Three shots from an airgun to the head

According to the accused, the accused aimed a rifle at Cornelia and fired a shot, but the weapon did not go off. The girl thought it was a joke. Then Patryk was supposed to ask her if she could defend herself when someone was attacking from behind. The 16-year-old allegedly suggested herself that B. check how he would react. The man was about to strangle Cornelia as she tried to free herself from her grip and defended herself. She fell to the ground.

It was then that Martyna S. was to join the scuffle, which – as it was established during the investigation – loaded the airgun with pellets and shot the victim three times, causing head injuries.

The teenager’s body was thrown into the pit and then buried. The victim’s belongings were scattered and some of them ended up in the garbage can.

Before the perpetrators destroyed Cornelia’s cell phone, they wrote her boyfriend a message saying “it’s over with us” in response to a series of missed calls.

A couple of the accused were seen on the day of the murder at around 21, when Martyna treated Patryk’s bleeding hand in front of the pharmacy. They were to agree on the version of events that they presented during the search for the teenagers. According to their relationship, the girl broke up with them after a mysterious phone call and disappeared.

Body found two months after the murder

Cornelia’s body was found on April 26, 2020, more than two months after her disappearance. “Visual inspection and autopsy showed that the cause of death was violent asphyxiation” – said the expert. The phone logs of the victim and the accused clearly indicated where and at what time they were together on the day of Cornelia’s death.

According to the investigators, the course of events was reconstructed thanks to the numerous evidence gathered in the case and the first explanations submitted by Patryk B., in which he pleaded guilty and described what happened in the forest near Konstancin. In subsequent explanations, both he and Martyna S. changed the versions of the events, shifting responsibility for the death of the 16-year-old. The experts ruled that they were both sane at the time of the crime and that they could stand trial.

Patryk B. heard the accusation of murder in April last year and has been in isolation since then. Martyna S., who was supposed to have committed the act three hours before the age of 17, stayed in a shelter for minors for several months. The family court had to decide about the possibility of bringing her to criminal liability. Actions with the suspect were carried out only on August 27, 2020.

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