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Kora – the fifth anniversary of the artist’s death. On Player.pl programs featuring Kora and her friends

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Kora, or Olga Sipowicz, died on July 28, 2018, at the age of 67. “In her beloved Roztocze, surrounded by loved ones, beloved animals and wonderful nature” – informed the artist’s relatives on the day of her death. She was a singer, poet and painter, vocalist of the band Maanam in the years 1976-2008. Programs with the participation of Kora and her friends can be watched on the Player.

– I’ve been working very hard. I think we work too much. I was totally exhausted, to be honest. I rested too little, used the world too little, the money I earned. I lived too little, not enough luxury – said Kora in the program “Attention!”. A few years before her death from ovarian cancer, she stopped touring. – If I play another concert, it will be for my grandson. She is six years old and is just discovering me – she confessed in the program to one of the fans who asked her for an autograph on a book of poems.

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Kamil Sipowicz remembers Kora

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“An exceptional woman, wife, mother, grandmother, friend. An icon of freedom. Always uncompromising in the pursuit of the truth. Involved in the hippie movement, in the activities of the first Solidarity, in building democracy and women’s movements,” Kamil Sipowicz wrote on social media on the day of her death . They got married in 2013 after a 40-year relationship. “She was a woman of flesh and blood,” he said six months after her departure “Attention!”. Sipowicz invited the program team to his home in Bliżów in Roztocze, where he and Kora spent the last five years. He showed the artist’s studio, the kitchen where she entertained her friends. – It was beautiful to live in this place, but also beautiful to die (…) We have created a mini paradise here. And in this mini-paradise only Adam is left today. It’s all coming to me now,” he said.

LOOK: “Attention! ” Sipowicz recalls Kora: “She was a woman of flesh and blood”

Bark. Artist, painter, poet

She was born on June 8, 1951 in Kraków. As a teenager, she was associated with Krakow’s artistic and hippie environment. It was then that she adopted the pseudonym Kora. In December 1971, she married a musician Marek Jackowski (divorced 13 years later). She made her debut in his band MaM. Then the group changed its name to Maanam, and Kora became its main vocalist. In the 1980s, they launched many hits: “Divine Buenos”, “Oh! Don’t make so much noise”, “I love you, my love”, “It’s only a tango” or “Lucciola”. Most of the lyrics for the songs were written by Kora.

In 2008, after the second breakup of Maanam, she began performing solo. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2013, she disappeared from the scene. She wrote poems and painted. She was also involved in the fight for reimbursement of the drug for women with ovarian cancer.

– Kora is someone who cannot be erased from our collective sensitivity and consciousness. Her lyrics, her presence among us changed us and this is what all artists dream of (…) She has the courage to say what she thinks and is very direct about it – she said in “Attention!” Olga Tokarczukartist friend. On the day of Kora’s funeral, the musicians remembered her in the special edition of “Kropki nad i”. – I think the story goes on and on. What Kora wrote perfectly corresponded to what was happening in the past, and corresponds to what is happening today and will correspond to what will happen in a moment. I think that we will always have situations in which her words, which have become timeless words – just like the words of many performers we listen to today, despite the fact that 30, 40 years have passed – are perfect nowadays – said Artur Rojek, former frontman Myslovitz. – It is the strength of her as a person who lived according to her own set rhythm. She had a strong rebellion in her, she was very independent. She always emphasized that she was the mistress of fate for herself. She had everything under control, he added.

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Main photo source: Slawomir Kaminski / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

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