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Korczew. She was going 71 kilometers per hour too fast. She explained that she was in a hurry to go to church

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Speeding 121 kilometers per hour in a built-up area, a 30-year-old woman was stopped in Korczew (Mazowsze) by Siedlce policemen. – They heard the explanation that the woman was in a hurry to the church. The rush cost her PLN 2.5 thousand and penalty points. Her driving license was also suspended, the police in Siedlce said.

Spokesperson of the Municipal Police Headquarters in Siedlce, subcomm. Ewelina Radomyska reported that a few days ago, police officers from the Siedlce traffic police, who are part of the SPEED group, stopped a 30-year-old woman driving a Range Rover for roadside inspection.

121 kilometers in the built-up area

– In Korczew, in a built-up area, a resident of the area of Łosickiego was driving at a speed of up to 121 kilometers per hour, which is 71 kilometers per hour faster than allowed by road signs and traffic regulations. The woman explained her driving that she was in a hurry to go to church, the spokeswoman said.

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For exceeding the speed limit, the police imposed a fine of PLN 2.5 thousand on the driver, and 15 penalty points were credited to her account. The 30-year-old was also suspended from driving for three months.

The Police would like to remind you that if a person whose driving license has been confiscated – within three months, is stopped again in such circumstances by police officers – then the period of retaining the document will be extended to six months. If you stop driving again, your license will be revoked and you will have to take the exam again.

Main photo source: KMP in Siedlce

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