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Korczowa. Protected coral in the trunk of a Ukrainian woman

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Customs officers found a specimen of a protected coral in the car of a woman crossing the Ukrainian-Polish border. Illegal transportation of endangered species across the border is a crime punishable by three months to five years' imprisonment.

About the discovery of customs officers from Korczowa National Tax Administration announced on Monday. As reported by the spokeswoman of the Chamber of Tax Administration in Rzeszów, Subcomm. Edyta Chabowska, the coral was in the luggage of a citizen entering Poland Ukraine.

As emphasized by the subcomm. Chabowska, the woman did not present a protected specimen for clearance. – She also did not have the required permit to import a CITES specimen. Due to her violation of the provisions of the Nature Protection Act, the officers detained the coral for further proceedings, she added.

Customs officers stopped coral smugglingNational Tax Administration

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The spokeswoman explained that reef-building corals (Scleractinia spp.) are on the list of endangered and protected species under the Washington Convention (CITES).

Ban on transporting endangered species

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), also known as the Washington Convention, is an international agreement that limits cross-border trade in various species of plants and animals and products derived from them.

As the subordinate recalled. Chabowska, trade in protected species is allowed only if it does not harm the preservation of these species in the natural environment and only on condition that an appropriate permit is issued.

Illegal transport of endangered species across the EU border is a crime punishable by imprisonment from 3 months to 5 years.

Customs officers stopped coral smugglingNational Tax Administration

According to the spokeswoman, in 2023, during checks at border crossings in the province. Podkarpackie, KAS officers detected the illegal transport of nearly 1.3 thousand CITES specimens.

Main photo source: National Tax Administration

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