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Kornel is fighting for his life. An opportunity for him is expensive therapy in the USA. “This cost estimate blew us away”

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One chance at life has a specific price – it is four million zlotys. In addition, it is a short-term offer, because Kornel's relatives had only a few days to collect such a sum. A teenager who is fighting cancer must start treatment in the United States immediately.

He has two dreams – to play in Barcelona one day and to recover. – To be healthy, to return to my friends, to school, to training, to the normal life that was taken away from me – says Kornel Kłoda.

Kornel heard his first sentence in 2019. Then – after removing the skin lesion on the heel – tests indicated melanoma. After the surgery, the doctors were optimistic, but exactly 4 years later the disease returned. – The tests showed that it was not only the leg, but also lung metastases. This is a very serious situation, says Daniela Jasińska-Kłoda, Kornel's mother.

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Treatment methods in Poland have been exhausted, and the only chance for health is personalized TIL lymphocyte therapy in the United States. – Doctors are convinced that this is a therapy that will give a positive effect and solve this problem effectively, and this will allow Kornel to continue living – says Wojciech Kłoda, Kornel's father.

However, before the whole family gets on the plane, they must have a million dollars in their account. – This cost estimate blew us away – says Kornel's mother. – I was worried, but I believed that it would work, because why wouldn't it work – says the sick teenager.

A collection is underway for the tortured Marcinek. “He can't swallow, he can't open his eyes.”Marzanna Zielińska/Fakty TVN

Fight for every penny

Kornel is supported by his friends from high school, whose involvement has brought amazing results. Thanks to the campaign in which they took part, as well as thanks to Internet users, a total of over PLN 4 million was collected, but the online collection – on the Siepomaga.pl platform – is still ongoing.

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– What I admire most about this whole illness is that he never lost hope, and especially his cheerfulness. Many people in his place would have broken down – says Michał Nitek, Kornel's teacher. – He's fighting and you can see it. The most wonderful thing is that he is full of optimism and trust – adds Magdalena Ziętek, chairwoman of the Parents' Council of the 7th Secondary School. Juliusz Słowacki in Warsaw.

Kornel's parents do not lose hope either. – The coach always said that Kornel was a fighter. I have witnessed more than once that he always plays until the end. Many times they lost 2-0, but thanks to his strength they won. I believe that it will be the same now, that he will win this match, says the teenager's father.


Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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