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Kościan, S5. The cat rolled over on the road and ran away, two people were injured

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In Kościan (Greater Poland Voivodeship), a car rolled over on the S5 expressway. According to the police, the incident was caused by a cat freely running around the car, which blocked the view of the driver. The man and his passenger were injured. The animal ran away.

The accident happened on Tuesday around 10.30 am on the S5 expressway near Kościan. – We received a report that the red Toyota is rolling over on the road – says Mariusz Wojciechowski, the press officer of the Koscian police.

He was walking around the car, he blocked the view of the driver

The policemen arrived at the scene and determined the course of the event. – While the cat was being transported freely on the car, the animal at some point jumped on the pit. The cat was moved by the driver and during that time there was an uncontrolled exit to the shoulder and rollover of the vehicle – Wojciechowski explains.


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The 73-year-old driver and passenger suffered as a result of the accident. – Initially, they were qualified as people to be taken to the hospital, but after a medical examination, they were given help on the spot – explains Wojciechowski.

Have you seen the cat? Call me

The cat ran away after the incident. Now the owners are looking for him. – The fur coat is white with heart-shaped spots on the sides. It is close to the owners’ hearts – informs Wojciechowski.

People who saw the cat or took care of it are asked to contact the Koscian police.

The car rolled over on the S5 roadKPP Kościan

Main photo source: KPP Kościan

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